Elizabeth’s Studio

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Elizabeth’s Studio is a New Jersey-based company which is known for its beautiful cotton fabrics which usually feature realistic patterns in lifelike, vivid colours.

Since it was established in 2006, Elizabeth’s Studio has become well known in the home quilting and sewing industry. They use innovative and high-quality cotton prints that are not only loved by quilters but their high quality makes them a fantastic choice for a whole range of stunning sewing projects. If you don’t believe us, check out all the pages of Free Sewing Projects By Elizabeth’s Studio.

The design staff are led by the talented Elizabeth herself. The team often tries to unearth gifted artists whose work has never before been featured on fabric, transforming their creations into striking, screen-printed images.

At the heart of Elizabeth’s Studio’s success is the dedication to detail and expert use of colours. This harmonious blend of realism and artwork has resulted in a collection of prints that are bound to be adored by sewing enthusiasts for many years to come.

We hope that you’ll have fun picking out your favourite Elizabeth’s Studio cotton fabric to sew with. If you want more ideas or inspiration on how to use these fun fabrics, then you might want to take a peak at Elizabeth’s Studio’s Free Sewing Projects.