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Henry Glass & Co.

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Henry Glass and company have been at the forefront of quilting and home sewing for over 100 years.

Based in Manhattan, they also like to support the community by making fabric donations to many charitable causes.

Henry Glass and company are owned by the same parent company as FreeSpirit Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp., Studio E Fabrics, Jaftex Corporation, FreeSpirit Fabrics, 3 Wishes Fabrics, Fabric Editions and A.E. Nathan so you can expect the same high-quality quilting cotton within all these brand names.

If you want some more ideas on sewing with these fabrics then there are lots of free patterns to be had! If you are looking for newly released patterns, they’ll be in the Henry Glass’ Current Free Patterns, and if you want to see more ideas for the older discontinued fabrics, then there are plenty more Archived Sewing Patterns.