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Northcott Fabrics was started in 1935, and has gone from being a fashion textile converter to a quilting cotton print powerhouse by the mid-1980s. They pride themselves on their high quality and even use the tagline “cottons that feel like silk.” as part of their logo.

These superior quality fabrics with their silky soft feel and their vibrant designs have been gracing quilt and craft shops globally ever since.

Northcott’s collaborations with top-tier designers result in innovative, practical, and visually stunning fabrics. With so many collaborations it is easy for them to produce a wide range of collection styles with lots of variety to choose from.

Their fabrics have been so popular that they have also launched other popular brands. For example in 2017, Banyan Batiks, became a Northcott division, bringing Indonesian artistry to the forefront of fabric, then in 2018, FIGO Fabrics brought a fresh, modern vibe to Northcott’s portfolio too. In 2020, Patrick Lose joined the Northcott company family, infusing his playful and colourful style into the quilting world through his novelty designs and a variety of creative quilting techniques.

Northcott Fabrics is both a fabric company and a creative haven for both designers, and the quilters and crafters who enjoy their products. It is a place where quality, innovation, and artistry meet to inspire and delight.

If you are ever unsure what to do with their fabrics, then we highly recommend checking out their own webpage where they have a whole host of free sewing patterns and inspiration.