Sew Simple

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Sew Simple is a brand that expertly weaves together the perfect blend of high-quality products and sensible pricing for all your quilting and sewing needs. Owned by European Quilting Supplies Ltd., this English gem of a company is your ideal creative companion, fueling your passion for sewing with its high-quality and quilting-inspired offerings.

With a commitment to keeping things fresh and inspiring, Sew Simple continuously updates its product portfolio and fabric collections. This ensures that you can always find something that sparks joy, whether you’re drawn to the latest trends or charmed by timeless essentials. European Quilting Supplies understands the heart of the sewing community, making them a trusted and reliable source for any sewing brand to come from.

At the very core of Sew Simple’s values lies a steadfast belief in balancing quality and affordability. They strive to provide competitively priced sewing and quilting products without sacrificing an ounce of excellence, making them a favourite amongst sewing enthusiasts everywhere.

This is a brand that wants to support your sewing dreams with an array of creative essentials that won’t leave your wallet empty. That’s the magic of Sew Simple!

So, why not give Sew Simple a try? Experience firsthand their dedication to quality and affordability, and let their fantastic offerings inspire and uplift your sewing projects.