Animal Cotton Fabrics

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If you love animals, then we hope you’ll love our collection of animal patterned cotton fabrics. From cute, cuddly and furry to wild, exotic and majestic, this is where you’ll find every cotton pattern we have that has animals printed on them.

Animals are so full of life and personality that we hope that these patterns, filled with movement and emotions will inspire a whole range of sewing possibilities.

Whether it’s cats napping in a summer garden, rabbits bouncing around a woodland, chickens clucking in the farmyard, dolphins jumping ocean waves, a parrot flying over the jungle or a party of zoo animals hooting and tooting in celebration. We’ve chosen each pattern in this collection to be a burst of personality and charm.

We like our cotton fabrics to be high-quality, so everything here has been selected from premium cotton standards. So you can be sure that it’ll be soft, breathable, and durable. But also it will be beautifully coloured and will hold that dye well despite repeat washing, and the premium quality weave helps these cottons hold their shape better regardless of the size and shape you might be cutting them. Along with the beautiful patterns, this is what makes them perfect for a variety of projects, from cosy home décor to adorable clothing and fun accessories.

Wouldn’t it be fun to fussy-cut foxes or quilt koalas? Or maybe dressmaking with dalmatians? A sheep shirt or a dolphin dress would be a sure conversation starter! Or maybe you might prefer to make the home more fun with some cute kitty cushions, whale wall hangings or even a llama lampshade? Or you could have fun bagmaking with bear fabric!

We think that these fabrics are a delight to work with, and we hope that they’ll not only bring a roar of life to your sewing table, but also a smile to your face.

If you enjoyed browsing our animal cotton fabrics, then we hope you’ll have fun looking through the rest of our cotton fabrics or you could browse through the rest of our animal-themed fabrics.


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