Bird Cotton Fabrics

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If you love birds then we hope you’ll love our collection of bird cotton fabrics. From small, sweet and chirpy to large, colourful and majestic, this is where you’ll find every cotton pattern we have that has birds printed on them.

Who doesn’t love these wonderful creatures? Birds are always such a beautiful thing to see in nature, whether they are perched serenely or soaring gracefully overhead. We hope that our choice of bird patterns reflects that same feeling of awe and admiration.

Birds have always been a symbol of freedom and we hope that these bird fabrics will help inspire you to let your creativity soar. We’ve tried to pick a wide range of bird sizes as well as styles ranging from realistic to bright, bold and artistic, so we hope they’ll be something that will be perfect for whatever project you have in mind.

Whether it’s a robin perching on a branch in the snow, little birds darting in and out of hedgerows, parrots squawking in the jungle, penguins sliding on the ice, owls flying in the night sky, flamingos gathering in the water, or even mystical phoenix or artistically reimagined birds. We’ve chosen each pattern in this collection to be a burst of life and personality.

These cotton fabrics are high-quality, as we only source from manufacturers using premium cotton standards. This means that they are soft, breathable, and durable. They also have beautiful colours that resist fading even after multiple washes, and the premium quality weave ensures that these cotton fabrics retain their shape well no matter how you cut them. This makes them ideal for a variety of projects from cosy home décor, quilting, clothing bag making and much more.

So if you like the idea of fussy cut finches, patchwork with peacocks, dress-make with doves, bag-make with barn owls or make pot holders with penguins, then we hope that you’ll find a cotton pattern that’ll make you twitter with excitement.

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