Butterfly Cotton Fabrics

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If your heart flutters when you see butterfly fabrics, then we hope that you’ll love these butterfly cotton fabrics as much as we do. This collection is where we have gathered together all of our favourite patterns with butterflies soaring across them.

From vibrant and bold prints full of energy and excitement to the delicate soft hues of gentle pastels, these cotton patterns come in a range of possibilities for all sorts of colour schemes.

You’ll also find a variety of styles and sizes of butterflies here too. From dainty and intricate designs to statement-worthy patterns. Some butterflies fly alone across their fabrics while others are darting in and out of busy meadows filled with other creatures and flowers.

Maybe you’ll make the butterflies the star of the show or maybe they will be fluttering around whichever other fabrics you choose to pair it with. Nobody says you even need to stick to just one. Mixing and matching small and large butterfly prints can create a really eye-catching feeling of depth and movement as some flutter close and others appear more distant.

However you choose to use them, we hope they’ll help add a little flutter of a smile to your project. We can’t help but smile when we see them and we hope you’ll feel uplifted as you spend time amongst these pretty fabrics sewing with them too.

We value high quality, so all the fabrics you find in this collection are premium-quality cotton, selected for their softness, durability, and ease of handling. A good quality weave matters to us because when it comes to quilting or precision sewing the weave can better hold its shape regardless of what shape you are cutting it into. This makes it perfect for quilting, bag making, clothing and a whole range of other sewing projects.

Just as every type of butterfly holds its own charm, we hope that these patterns that we have selected for you will help you add your own unique style to whatever you make with them.

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