Cat Cotton Fabrics

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If you love cats as much as we love cats, then we hope that you’ll enjoy our collection of cat patterned cotton fabrics.


Cats have so much personality and we hope that we’ve managed to capture at least some of that in these delightful cottons. Whether they’re playfully batting at a dangling toy or elegantly lounging in a sunlit spot, being amongst kitty company is something that always brings us joy.


We’ve tried to find fabrics in all different styles so here is where you’ll find everything from realistic patterns that capture every little detail of these feline companions right over to artistic versions which are just bursting with colour and charm.


When it comes to quality, we like to pick the best. There is nothing worse than picking a pattern you love only to find that it is a disappointment when it arrives, so we only partner with manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards. You can expect the cotton to be as soft and vibrant as cotton can be! Premium quality cotton fabrics also hold their shape better when cut, and are less prone to distortion, meaning more accurate sewing – which is why quilters love them so much. So every cotton kitten fabric you’ll find here is perfect for a wide range of different sewing projects.


So, if the thought of fussy cutting adorable kittens, patchworking with majestic cats, dressmaking with graceful felines, or even making cute little coin purses decorated with colourful cat cartoons, brings a smile to your face, then we hope you’ll find a cotton pattern in our collection that you’ll love.


If you enjoyed this collection of cat cotton fabrics, then we hope that you’ll also enjoy exploring the rest of our animal-inspired cotton fabrics. We hope you’ll find some sewing inspiration whether you are looking for more cute pet animal cotton to go with your kitties, or maybe you were looking for more big cats like you’d find in the zoo!


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