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Floral Cotton Fabric For Quilting

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If you are looking for floral cotton fabric for quilting, then you’ve come to the right place! All the patterns on this page are just perfect for any quilting project, whether you want to make little hexies or you are looking for large panel-worthy patterns.

We selected each of these flower cotton fabrics because we think they are all blooming with possibilities. From gentle pastels to bright vibrant colours, we hope that our range of floral cottons will have something for every quilter’s tastes.

In this growing selection, you will find a wide range of flower patterns. From large to small, these florals come in a range of flower sizes. Styles range from realistic flowers, with petals and leaves depicted in lifelike detail, to artistic delights.

These fabrics are not only beautiful, but they are also all quilting-friendly!  These cottons have been chosen for their high quality. Premium cottons are perfect for quilting due the durability, softness, ease of handling and the stable weave means that your quilting pieces hold their shape beautifully regardless of what shapes you are sewing.

The breathable nature of cotton makes it ideal for quilts of all seasons, offering warmth without the weight.

Floral cottons lend themselves beautifully to traditional patchwork quilts, where each floral motif can become a feature. For a modern twist, you might want to play with vibrant colour combinations or mix and match small and large floral prints to create a dynamic visual landscape. Incorporating solid colours can help to frame your florals, allowing them to truly shine.

For quilters who love fussy cutting (the art of selectively cutting a specific part of the fabric) then we hope that you’ll enjoy showcasing the most beautiful segments of these floral designs. Here’s a tip: use a transparent quilting ruler or tracing paper to precisely line up your patterns for perfect positioning. This technique is especially effective in creating kaleidoscope effects or for highlighting motifs in quilt blocks.

We hope that you might also consider using these floral cottons for appliqué work. Individual flowers that don’t overlap each other make the best flower patterns to work with here. Cutting out individual flowers and leaves with a foam centre can create a three-dimensional effect, giving a modern twist to your appliqué garden quilt. Or maybe you might like to experiment with layering different sizes of flowers or combining realistic with artistic blooms for a fun modern twist on traditional flower blocks.

If you liked these, we hope that you’ll enjoy exploring the rest of our Floral fabrics too.


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