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Girls Cotton Fabrics

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In this fabric collection, we have gathered together the most wonderfully girly cotton fabrics we could find. Each fabric in this collection is a celebration of girlish delight, with every cotton being a premium fabric with some of our favourite feminine themes.

This is where you’ll find fabrics full of graceful mermaids, their shimmering tails weaving through waves of azure and turquoise, capturing the essence of oceanic wonders, which you might like to compliment with our Seaside and Ocean themed fabrics.

Explore further, and you’ll find princesses in gowns where it’s normal to find pink and gold, set against backdrops of majestic castles or starry skies, inviting children into fairytale worlds where they can be the heroines of their own stories. There are also delicate fairies, their wings dusted with the magic of dawn. They flutter amongst blooms and berries (which you’ll find plenty more of in our Floral themed fabrics).

And for those who adore the mystical, unicorns gallop across many of these fabrics in a kaleidoscope of colours. Their manes flowing like rivers of silk, ready to bring a touch of the extraordinary to any creation. If you want to, you can find more fabrics like this amongst our Unicorns, Fantasy & Fairytales themes.

For the girls who are animal lovers, we have more cute and furry friends than we could believe! Maybe you’ll find soft bunnies, animals frolicking in fields of daisies, kittens playing with flowers in their hair or gardens of butterflies, or playful creatures under a sky filled with rainbows. Each new collection brings new wonderful surprises, and we will try to find you the best girls’ patterned cottons to put here.

Our cotton fabrics are not only about stunning visuals but also about quality. Soft, breathable, and durable, they’re perfect for a range of projects – from creating charming dresses and skirts to crafting cozy quilts and playful accessories. We really hope that the cotton fabrics in this collection will help inspire you to create something as unique and special as the little girl who will cherish it.


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