Non-Stick & Teflon Sewing Machine Feet

Non-stick feet are perfect for helping you to sew over sticky and tricky fabrics. With Teflon and similar coatings, these presser feet are able to slide more easily over fabrics than regular feet.


Use these feet to reduce the friction as you sew over waterproof fabrics like PUL, vinyl, oilcloth, PVC, tableclothing, leatherette and more, making it easier to keep the foot moving easily over your fabric.


These sewing machine feet also work well with furry and fuzzy fabrics that have a directional nap like corduroy and velvet. By sliding more easily over the top of the fabric pile, the stitches can form more easily giving you a more professional finish.


Do you use temporary basting sprays or fabric glues? They often get gummed up on the bottom of traditional presser feet, but these non-stick feet are able to easily sew over them. This makes them perfect for sewing projects like appliques which are often stuck in place, as well as the extra gliding movement also making it easier to twist and turn with your shapes.


Don’t forget that you can also check on the “Compatibility” tab for each of these presser feet to check the suitability for your model of sewing machine.