Ocean Cotton Fabric

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This ocean cotton fabric collection is full of inspiring patterns with a sea based theme. Styles within this collection range from artistic interpretations of the beauty and grace of the sea, to realistic portrayals of some of our most loved underwater creatures where you can feel that you are right there swimming alongside them. There are even playful cartoon-style fabrics which are full of fun and lively adventures.  Some are simple while others are intricately detailed, some gentle and easy on the eye and other bright bold and vibrant.

We love the ocean and all the fascinating creatures that live in it and we hope that passion shines through to our collection, where we hope we have found something that everyone will enjoy sewing with. Patterns range from playful dolphins leaping and dancing, graceful whales gliding through the sparkling water, colourful skools of tropical fish darting between a lively coral reef, the gentle glow of jellyfish, curious turtles travelling through the deep, starfish reaching for a rock to cling to amongst swaying seaweed, and even the odd octopus with its tentacles outstretched drifting along.

But we haven’t limited our patterns to below the ocean. There is plenty to love around the sea too. These patterns might include sailboats bobbing on the waves with their sails billowing in a gentle breeze, penguins playing on their glaciers, or sandy tropical shores dotted with seashells. These extra coastal touches can add so much more story and intrigue when they are combined with underwater patterns, as suddenly the scene takes on a whole other level of depth and more mystery.  

Many of these fabrics have blue as their main colour which is generally seen as a relaxing and tranquil colour. Perfect for home sewing projects where you might want to create a peaceful space, like a bathroom or bedroom.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fabrics, so all of these cotton patterns have been printed on premium luxurious cotton which is suitable for everything from quilting to crafting. We think that it would be particularly fun to create aquatic apron dresses, marine make-up pouches, underwater wall hangings, seascape sleep masks or even ocean oven gloves. But I’m sure you can come up with plenty more fantastic sea-themed sewing projects too! 

If you’ve enjoyed exploring our ocean cotton fabrics, then we hope you’ll enjoy browsing our range of animal cotton fabrics too or maybe you’d like to see our entire collection of cotton fabrics.


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