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Quilting Sewing Machine Feet


Whether you’ve been quilting for years or you are a beginner to this fantastically fun type of sewing, then we hope you’ll find a new foot in this collection to lift your quilting skills up to the next level.

We have feet that help you piece your pretty fabrics with precision as well as feet that can help you to quilt staggeringly straight lines, tiny twirls, work with rulers on repeat or draw freely with your sewing machine and add your own flare.

This collection includes walking feet which are a staple in any quilter’s toolbox. The walking foot helps to feed fabric through underneath the presser foot at the same speed as the feed dogs from below, helping you keep your quilt layers perfectly aligned and reducing the chance of friction pulling and distorting your fabric as you piece and quilt.

We have feet with various types of guides. Quarter-inch feet are perfect for precision piecing. You can find out more about these in our Quarter Inch Guide Foot Piecing Tutorial. Multi-line guide feet and adjustable guide feet (as well as the removable guides on several of the walking feet) help to quilt repeating patterns with ease by following the previous line of stitching at a set distance away.

Free motion feet which are also often called darning feet will help you to sew in any direction so whether you’re quilting pebbles or swirls, these feet are perfect for stitching fun patterns as you quilt. For more help using your new free-motion sewing machine foot, then please take a peek at our guide on How To Use A Free-Motion Sewing Machine Foot.

Stitch in the ditch feet, which may also be called edge joining feet help you to follow a central line. This is perfect for quilting when you want to follow your temporary fabric marker lines accurately, or for following your seam lines to stitch your quilting in the lines where your fabrics are joined.
Ruler feet, also known as template feet have special raised sides, which help you to sew around wooden or acrylic quilting templates or rulers. This is great fun for adding big repeating patterns.

We have quilting feet to fit most sewing machines from Brother, Janome, Toyota, Elna, Kenmore, Juki, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, Singer, Uten, and many more. Just check in the product listing for the “compatibility” tab where we have made a list with as many sewing machines as we could find that have been listed to fit each foot. Just click on your sewing machine to see all the feet that we have that will fit your machine.

We hope that you’ll find something here that will help you have more quilty fun!