Rainbow Cotton Fabrics

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If you love Rainbow Cotton Fabrics then we hope you’ll love our collection of them. From bright, bold and colourful to subtle pastel sweeps of colour, this is where you’ll find every cotton pattern we have that has rainbows sprinkled over them.

Who doesn’t love this vibrant natural phenomenon? A rainbow is always such a joyful thing to see in the sky, and we hope that our choice of rainbow patterns reflects that same feeling of joy when you find them.

Rainbows have always been a symbol of hope, diversity, and wonder, and we hope that our collection is also diverse enough to bring this symbolism to life for a whole range of sewing possibilities.

Whether it’s a rainbow arching out of a gentle cloud in the sky or bright rainbow stripes dancing along the fabric. We’ve chosen each pattern in this collection is a burst of happiness and colour.

We like our cotton fabrics to be high-quality, so everything here is made from premium cotton standards. So you can be sure that it’ll be soft, breathable, and durable. But also it will be beautifully coloured and will hold that dye well despite repeat washing, and the premium quality weave helps these cottons hold their shape better regardless of the size and shape you might be cutting then. This is what makes them perfect for a variety of projects, from lively home décor to cheerful clothing and playful accessories. These rainbow cotton fabrics are also perfect for quilting with.

We think that these fabrics are a joy to work with, and we hope that they’ll not only bring a splash of color to your sewing table, but also a smile to your face.

If you’re looking for the perfect rainbows to quilt with, then we hope you’ll have fun fussy cutting these rainbows to make a riot of colour. Or maybe just using some rainbow stripes to create the most wonderfully colourful binding to bring your quilt to life

For those who love creating clothes, we think these rainbow cotton fabrics would make some wonderfully twirly rainbow dresses or skirts. Or how fun would a bright, rainbow shirt be?!

If you prefer craft sewing then we hope you’ll have fun creating rainbow cushion covers, nursery bedding or maybe even curtains that make your windows into rainbow-filled days every day.

If you enjoyed browsing our rainbow cotton fabrics, then we hope you’ll have fun looking through the rest of our cotton fabrics. Or, if you want to just see our most colourful cottons, then you can see our collection of really multicoloured fabrics and filter the fabric type to cotton instead.


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