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Elastic Ribbon/FOE

Fold Over Elastic is also known as FOE or elastic ribbon. It is a gentle elastic tape, which can be used as a stretch ribbon for projects such as simple hair bands, or gathering a waist on a child’s dress. It is also perfect for using as a bias binding for stretch fabrics or for adding an elastic edge to a fabric such as on cuffs, hems, necklines, or leg holes for knickers or nappies. Elastic ribbon can equally be combined with non-stretch fabrics as a bias binding to make items like fitted bed sheets or bowl covers.

The elastic ribbon has a slight central groove on the underside to make it easy to line the elastic ribbon up evenly over the edge of a fabric to use as fold over elastic (FOE).

Please note that the elastic is gentle and would not likely support heavy fabrics such as denim or corduroy.

Due to the elastic nature, fold over elastic performs best when attached with a stretch stitch such as a 3 step zigzag stitch or with double needles on a wide stitch length. If you are sewing the fold over elastic over the fabric edge, especially over a large area, we would highly recommend our sewing machine accessory, the bias binding foot. This makes it really easy to hold it in the correct position around your fabric while you apply a gentle stretch as you sew. To find out more about bias binding sewing machine feet, check out our free sewing tutorial.