Machine Embroidery Threads

Sewing Bee Fabrics embroidery machine thread is compatible with brother embroidery thread colour charts. Each thread is marked with the brother equivalent number to enable easy use of these threads.

Our embroidery threads are produced on 1000m spools and are available to purchase separately or as a Full Set.

We pride ourselves on our high quality and our own brand threads reflect that. They are glossy in appearance with low breakage rates, giving consistently professional results.

Produced with trilobal polyester in vivid colours, these machine embroidery threads have been specifically created to colour match those of brother machine embroidery threads to enable easy use of the brother colour charts.

Thread filaments are 40 weight (120D/2) and have an average elongation rate of 17-20% which is slightly below the industry average. This slight reduction in stretch within the embroidery thread filament significantly reduces the occurrence of tension or puckering problems, as well as looping, when compared to those of an average or above average elongation rate.

Don’t forget to stock up on your other embroidery supplies with bobbins and glow in the dark embroidery thread also available in our shop.