KAM snaps

KAM snaps are plastic fastenings which are applied with pliers or an industrial press. To make a snap fastening, 4 components are required – 2 backing pieces (which are a fairly flat, round shape with a plastic spike), a female socket, and a male socket. To apply the KAM snap, a small hole is first made in the fabric- usually with an awl. A backing KAM piece is placed with the plastic spike through the hole, then a male or female socket needs to be centred over the spike.

The KAM snap press, or KAM snap pliers are used to crush the plastic spike into the male or female socket, forming a bond between the 2 pieces with the fabric sandwiched into the centre.

Please note that stretch fabrics will stretch around the hole, meaning the KAM snap can loosen and be pulled through the hole. To avoid this problem, woven non-stretch fabrics or interfacing will need to be used to reinforce knit fabrics where snaps will be used.

To find out more, please visit our KAM snaps guide. KAM snaps guide

Packs are sold as 20 complete fastening snaps. This means there will be 40 backings, 20 male sockets and 20 female sockets within the pack.