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Sewing Machine Feet

Buy sewing machine feet to fit your sewing machine. If you don’t know what fittings you need, simply search your sewing machine model in our search bar to see everything that will fit your machine! We have over 1000 sewing machine models in our database. This includes compatibility for sewing machine feet for models made by Singer, Brother, Janome, Babylock, Elna, and Uten. But if your sewing machine model isn’t there yet, we can still help you find the perfect fit.

What Sewing Machine Foot Do I need?

First, you need to know what type of fitting your sewing machine takes. If we haven’t got your sewing machine model in our search function, then here is a quick guide to figuring out what you could have:

Low shank sewing machines – These include most standard home sewing machines, including most home Elna, White, Toyota, Janome and Brother sewing machines. Modern Singer sewing machines are also a low shank fitting. If you want to measure to be sure, a low shank fitting is approximately ¾ of an inch (just under 2cm) from the screw where the foot attaches to the sewing machine bar, down to the footplate when the foot is in a lowered position. Low shank sewing machines can use both screw-on low shank sewing machine feet or universal fitting snap-on feet with a snap-on adaptor.

High shank sewing machines are usually industrial sewing machines. These sewing machines have approx 1 ¼ inch (just over 3cm) gap between the screw that attaches the sewing machine foot to the bar, and the footplate with the sewing machine foot in a fully lowered position. These machines can take high shank screw-on feet. Adaptors are also available to buy to enable these sewing machines to also use universal clip-on presser feet.

Husqvarna Viking sewing machines and Pfaff sewing machines can have slightly different needle positioning to the high and low shank sewing machines, so you may find that a universal foot will snap on but the needle will hit the foot. For this reason, we stock separate Husqvarna Viking sewing machine feet and Pfaff sewing machine feet and do not recommend ordering universal fittings for these machines.

Singer Slant Shank sewing machines are an older style of Singer sewing machines that are characterised by their diagonal bar that the sewing machine foot attaches to. Although these machines can take snap-on feet, the adapters are not compatible with universal sewing machine feet. Instead, we stock specialist sewing machine feet for this old Singer sewing machine style.

Bernina is not compatible with any of the other brands of sewing machine feet.

Mini sewing machines may have their own fittings.

If you are still unsure, please visit our tutorial – Sewing Machine Feet Guide – on the tutorial page to see an explanation of all of these fittings with more detail, and to answer all your other sewing machine feet questions in much more detail such as how to attach presser feet, how to change snap-on sewing machine feet, how to use sewing machine feet, what different sewing machine feet do, and how to decide which sewing machine feet you need depending on what you like to sew most.

Sewing machine accessories can make the difference between amateur-looking and professional sewing. These sewing machine parts are quickly interchangeable and open up possibilities for lots of extra functions to even the most basic of sewing machines.

All of our sewing machine feet are available to buy with free UK delivery.

Don’t forget to check out our haberdashery and fabric online store areas for more sewing supplies.