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Vintage Singer sewing machines from the 1950s and 1960s mainly used a slant shank fitting for their sewing machine. This means that the bar that the sewing machine feet screw onto was at a 15º angle. It was thought that the slanted position would make it easier to view your needle and stitching.


There are a wide range of sewing machine feet still produced for these vintage Singer sewing machines in both screw-on and snap-on formats. Please be aware that only singer slant shank snap on feet are compatible with these machines with the use of a slant shank snap on adaptor screwed to the slanted bar. Universal snap on feet will not fit.


Please note that the Singer 301 and 301a were sewing machines that were trialled with a slightly different slant angle. These are not compatible with the standard singer slant shank fitting sewing machine feet.


Vintage Singer sewing machines with the slant shank fitting include:

Singer 1000 (Futura)Singer 1036Singer 1050 FuturaSinger 1100Singer 1410Singer 1411Singer 1425Singer 2001Singer 2010 TouchtronicSinger 266Singer 290Singer 301Singer 30920Singer 401Singer 401ASinger 403Singer 404Singer 411Singer 431Singer 4552Singer 4562Singer 4610Singer 4622Singer 500Singer 501Singer 502Singer 503Singer 503ASinger 5910Singer 5932Singer 600Singer 600E Touch & SewSinger 603Singer 604Singer 610Singer 611Singer 6200Singer 620E1Singer 6233Singer 6234Singer 6235Singer 625Singer 625E1Singer 625E6Singer 625E7Singer 626Singer 6260Singer 6267Singer 6268Singer 626E1Singer 626E6Singer 626E7Singer 628Singer 629Singer 630Singer 631Singer 635Singer 635E3Singer 635E6Singer 635E7Singer 636Singer 638Singer 639Singer 640 Touch & SewSinger 645Singer 646Singer 649Singer 6704Singer 6740Singer 6800 SeriesSinger 700Singer 7028Singer 7033Singer 706Singer 708Singer 714Singer 717 SchoolSinger 719Singer 720Singer 721Singer 724Singer 725Singer 729Singer 734Singer 737Singer 740Singer 746Singer 750Singer 755Singer 756Singer 758Singer 760Singer 766Singer 770Singer 774Singer 775Singer 776Singer 778Singer 784Singer 786Singer 8019Singer 900-3Singer 9005Singer 9008Singer 9010Singer 9012Singer 9015Singer 9018Singer 9020Singer 9022Singer 9027Singer 9032Singer 9034Singer 9110Singer 9113Singer 9123Singer 9133Singer 9134Singer 9135Singer 9137Singer 9143Singer 920-3Singer 9210Singer 9217Singer 9224Singer 9240Singer 93220Singer 9323Singer 9334Singer 9400Singer 9408Singer 9410Singer 9416Singer 9417Singer 9420Singer 9423Singer 9430Singer 9432Singer 9440Singer 9444Singer Athena 2000 (2000A)