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The Toyota Eco series was made to be an affordable and user friendly sewing machine with a redesigned shape aimed at trying to reduce fatigue for prolonged use, or for those sewists who have joint aches and pains or difficulties. With automatic needle threading and simple controls, these sewing machines were also a great starting sewing machine for beginners.

For more help with this sewing machine, you may want to check with the sewing machine manual for your model:

Toyota ECO15A

Toyota ECO15B

Toyota ECO15CB

Toyota ECO15CG

Toyota ECO15CJ

Toyota ECO17C

Toyota ECO17CJ

Toyota ECO26A

Toyota ECO26B

Toyota ECO26C

Toyota ECO34A SP20

Toyota ECO34A SP200

Toyota ECO34B SP20

Toyota ECO34B SP200

Toyota ECO34C.