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The Toyota Super Jeans series was a way of combining the power of an industrial sewing machine into a home sewing machine model. This series was equipped with a strong motor to help it handle difficult to sew with fabrics like denim, leather and upholstery fabrics.

With a low-shank universal fitting, these machines can take both screw-on and snap-on feet. Combined with a variety of stitches, these workhorse machines can easily adapt to whatever sewing task is at hand. They can use a huge variety of universal-fitting sewing machine presser feet to handle even the most complex creative tasks with ease.

For more help with this sewing machine, you may want to check the manual for your specific Super Jeans model:

Super Jeans 15

Super Jeans 15PE

Super Jeans 15WE

Jeans 17C

Super Jeans 26

Super Jeans 34