Purranoia – Cats In The Garden


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: Blank Quilting
  • Theme: Animals
  • Main Colours: Green
  • Pattern: Cats
  • Fabric Width: Approximately 110cm (43 inches)
  • Fat Quarter Size: Approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches)
  • Skinny Quarter Size: Approximately 25cm (8.9 inches) x 110cm (43 inches)
  • This pattern is now DISCONTINUED. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!
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“Cats In The Garden” has been designed by Color Pop Studio for Blank Quilting as part of the “Purranoia” collection. This cotton fabric is a feline frolic in a nature-filled garden.

There are cats of all different patterns, from tabby brown to various yellows and even a blue-grey kitty. Some cats are leisurely stretched, embodying the essence of a lazy afternoon in a sunny garden. While others are feeling more adventurous. Some are wandering around between the flowers. One is even perched on a tree branch just hanging out next to a bird. Each cat, whether resting on the grass or moving around has a relaxed and happy expression, adding a joyous calm feel to the fabric.

Scattered throughout the fabric, are various blossoms and blooms, they enhance the garden-like atmosphere with their hues harmonising with the cats’ coats and the lush green grassy background. Between the cats, tiny butterflies are fluttering past, adding to the peaceful scene.

Measuring approximately 110cm (43 inches) in width, “Cats In The Garden” is available by the metre (39 ⅓ inches) or half a metre (19 ½ inches). Multiple quantities will be sent as a continuous length. For those smaller, intricate projects, it’s also available as a fat quarter, measuring approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches).

This fabric is perfect for a whole host of different sewing projects, but we think that this fun pattern would be especially good for making some garden-inspired grocery bags, cat cushions, kitty culottes or even a purr-fect pencil skirt!

So, if your sewing room needs more whiskers and blooms, then we hope that you’ll be feline fine as you stitch your way through to your next make with this pretty cotton.

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1914-66
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