On Safari Panels


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: Riley Blake Designs
  • Theme: Animals
  • Pattern: 4 Panels
    • Black and White Tiger In Water
    • Orange Tiger In Snow
    • Elephant
    • Giraffes
  • Panel Image Size 51cm x 42.5cm ( Approximately 20 x 16 ¾ Inches) for the image with some additional black border surrounding it.
  • This pattern is now DISCONTINUED. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!
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“On Safari,” is a collection of four captivating panels that transport you straight to the heart of the wild. Each panel is a standalone work of art, capturing the essence of some of the most majestic creatures on Earth. Unlike traditional fabric bolts, this pattern can’t be split by the metre, and we thought you’d like to pick the animal that resonates most with you, so instead of sending out a panel like a random fat quarter, we are selling these panels individually, so that you can make something really special with the one that speaks to your soul—or perhaps, you have epic plans in mind and want to collect all four at a special discounted rate.

So what’s on the panels?

  1. Monochrome Majesty: The White Tiger In a breathtaking scene brought to life in black and white, a regal white tiger is bursting out of the water. The only things coloured in this image are the tiger’s eyes, which have been left as a piercing blue, staring straight out of the panel towards you, and the pink of the nose. Water droplets scatter in all directions, shimmering like diamonds against the dark backdrop. Everything about this image, from the colours to the way the animal has been framed creates a dramatic and eye-catching moment that is sure to make any sewing project an instant conversation starter.
  2. Tender Moments: The Giraffes High above, where the sun-dappled leaves form a natural canopy, a mother and baby giraffe share a moment of pure love. Their heads and necks fill the frame, capturing an intimate nuzzle that speaks volumes to their relationship and gentle nature. This panel is a heartfelt reminder of maternal bonds, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and affection to your next sewing project.
  3. The Elephant Parade Set against the backdrop of a vivid blue sky, a procession of elephants kick up the dust of where could easily be the African savannah. Leading the way, as if he will stride straight out of the panel is a majestic elephant, tusks held high, embodying the spirit of community and leadership.
  4. Fiery Strides: The Orange Tiger in Snow In a stark winter landscape, an orange tiger emerges as a vivid contrast to the icy blues and whites surrounding it. With each step, its powerful muscles ripple beneath its striped coat as it strides right up to us at the edge of the panel. its amber eyes locked forward looking straight out. This panel is a striking blend of fire and ice, perfect for those looking to make a bold statement.

Each panel measures approximately 51cm x 42.5cm (20 x 16 ¾ inches) for the image, with an additional black border for framing or sewing.

These panels are fabrics that stand out and ask to be looked at. Although you could use them for a whole range of projects, we think that they would be wonderful for a wildlife wall hanging or a perfect panel on a dress or statement shirt, or a shopping tote that holds just as much attention as it does food. Or, imagine how stunning these panels could be at the centre of a quilt, with complementary or contrasting colours framing it. Or even a set of cushions that have more nature-related drama than the average wildlife documentary.

So, if your next sewing project is going to be something really wild, then we hope you’ll find the perfect animal panel to make your creativity roar to life!

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