Dicovery Cove – Continuous Full Width Pattern


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: Michael Miller Fabrics
  • Theme: Seaside and Ocean
  • Pattern: Large Sea Life Continuous Full-Width Pattern
  • Fabric Width: Approximately 110cm (43 inches)
  • Skinny Quarter Size: Approximately 25cm (8.9 inches) x 110cm (43 inches)
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Designed by Mark Gregory as part of the Sea World collection for Michael Miller Fabrics, Discovery Cove is so full of sealife that it spans the entire width of the fabric from selvedge to selvedge. It repeats about every 60cm/24 inches with no breaks or dividers so it can be used either as a continuous repeating epic ocean pattern or as a panel.

This sea-themed cotton fabric is a stunning deep dive into life beneath the sea. With a brightly coloured coral sea floor and deep blue water at one side of the selvedge, sea creatures of all kinds twist and play up the pattern with little rising bubbles as the water gets lighter and lighter until sunrays dance across the surface along the opposite selvedge.

Two turtles glide gracefully through the water between groups of brightly coloured fish, as seals and seahorses dart in and out between them. A mother and baby orca whale spin upwards through the water together with a stingray leading the way to the surface – they seem to have just found Nemo as well as Dory!

As angelfish fan their elegant fins, a lionfish shows off his venomous spines. Jellyfish of all shapes and sizes drift by on the current, their tendrils billowing out behind them in the water like chiffon scarves in the breeze. A large orange octopus has drifted upwards. Its long twisting tentacles curling around themselves as it floats peacefully just below the surface enjoying the sun.

A pod of dolphins explore the depths as the coral reefs host their own brightly coloured party of sea life. With coral in lively tones of orange, yellow, green, blue and pink flourishing on the sea bed, they are the perfect place for fish to dart and hide as the sharks patrol above them. A pink octopus sits on the ocean floor swirling his curling tentacles into a dramatic pose as he looks to be guarding a pearl inside an oyster shell, while other shells lay nearby him like they are all favourite treasures.

At approximately 110cm (43 inches), “Discovery Cove” is available by the metre (39 ⅓ inches), half a metre (19 ½ inches) or by the skinny quarter which is 25cm (8.9 inches) by the full width. Any combinations or multiple quantities of these will be sent as a continuous length unless you tell us otherwise. We can’t offer a fat quarter size on this one because the pattern spans the full width.

Michael Miller Fabrics is known for its high-quality cotton, which makes it perfect to use for a wide variety of sewing projects from quilting to crafting. We think that this colourful pattern would be particularly fun to use for sewing a sealife sundress, a water-filled wall hanging or even an oversized ocean tote bag.

So if you’re in the mood for a splash of underwater adventure, then we hope this sea-themed cotton fabric will help you make a creative splash with your next project! Let the discovery begin!

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Manufacturer Part Number: DDC11489-MULT-D

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