Forest Adventure


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: Michael Miller Fabrics
  • Theme: Animals
  • Main Colour: Blue
  • Pattern: Woodland Animals
  • Fabric Width: Approximately 110cm (43 inches)
  • Fat Quarter Size: Approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches)
  • Skinny Quarter Size: Approximately 25cm (8.9 inches) x 110cm (43 inches)
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“Forest Adventure” is a British wildlife inspired cotton produced by Michael Miller Fabrics as part of the “Midnight Forest” Collection. This woodland pattern has been designed to be a modern take on the mirror image style which was originally made famous by William Morris.

The 100% cotton fabric features a deep navy background, reminiscent of a starlit night sky. Arranged in complementary pairs, animals are sitting amongst an enchanting woodland nature scene. Brown owls sit proudly with their feathers puffed out in front of them. Their big black eyes, full of wisdom, stare straight out of the fabric. They perch gracefully between branches and little flowers while just above them foxes in shades of orange and cream sit facing each other with leaves and branches growing up between them. Their whiskers look ready to twitch sleepily as they wrap their bushy tails gently around themselves.

Nearby, adorable beige rabbits, with their little fluffy white tails are taking a moment to take in their surroundings. Standing on their hind legs with little spotted red mushrooms around them, they look ready to hop off through the undergrowth to play. Their gentle nature adds a touch of innocence to the scene. Red squirrel pairs also stand up. their vibrant coats add another burst of colour to the fabric and complement that of the foxes perfectly. These nimble creatures bring a sense of liveliness and curiosity to the woodland.

Finally, we come across the deer in a gentle fawn brown. With their graceful stature and graceful features, they add a feeling of elegance as they gaze at one another over delicate pink flowers. These woodland beauties complete the collection of cute critters.

Between the animals are typical woodland finds. Branches stretch up with their leaves unfurling out, while bright red berries add subtle little pops of colour. Flowers bloom in various shapes and sizes, their petals look to be swaying in the gentle breeze. Pine cones also add more earthy tones to this gentle colour scheme.

“Forest Adventure” gives a sense of peacefulness and harmony. This is achieved both by the symmetry of the pattern and the warm hues of the animals and forest lifting out of the deep navy background.

As with all Michael Miller fabrics, this woodland animal fabric has been printed on premium 100% cotton, renowned for its softness, breathability and print quality. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of sewing projects. Whether you’re creating a woodland wrap dress, cute critter-filled cushions, or fussy cutting your forest-themed quilt, we hope that you’ll enjoy using this fabric to bring a touch of woodland magic to your creation.

“Forest Adventure” is approximately 110cm (43 inches) wide and is available by the meter (39 ⅓ inches) or half a meter (19 ½ inches). If you require a continuous length, simply order multiple quantities and we’ll send it all as one piece. For smaller projects, a fat quarter measuring about 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches) is also available.

So if your next sewing project wants to come to life with some woodland animal cotton, then we hope that “Forest Adventure” will help you branch out into some new sewing styles. So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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Manufacturer Part Number: DC11372-NAVY-D

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