Forest Play


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: Michael Miller Fabrics
  • Theme: Animals
  • Main Colour: Green
  • Pattern: Woodland Animals
  • Fabric Width: Approximately 110cm (43 inches)
  • Fat Quarter Size: Approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches)
  • Skinny Quarter Size: Approximately 25cm (8.9 inches) x 110cm (43 inches)
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In a quiet British woodland, there is an adorable world coming to life. “Forest Play” by Michael Miller, is a heartwarming pattern filled with the innocence and wonder of children playing in nature. This pattern captures those interactions between the children and the woodland animals in such an endearing way that it feels like the pictures have come right out of a timeless children’s storybook.

In this delightful pattern, a young boy sits cross-legged on the forest floor, his arm wrapped gently around the neck of a young deer as they share an affectionate gaze. Their positioning suggests a longstanding friendship, like they’ve spent all summer together. Close by there is a little girl crouching down. Her eyes seem to be sparkling in excitement as she reaches her arm out, offering a nut to a little red squirrel. This playful interaction sees the squirrel standing up eagerly at the prospect of a treat.

Nearby, a girl is low down on hands and knees. With a rabbit by her side, the girl is leaning forwards, meeting eye-to-eye with a tiny robin perched in front of her. Another girl crouches low and looks like she is busy chatting with a little hedgehog. The hedgehog is standing upright with a tiny basket in its hand. The basket adds a little touch of magic to the pattern, like there is more going on in this animal’s world than first meets the eye.

Between these sweet little interactions between children and animals are little bursts of woodland nature. Flowers bloom in various shapes and sizes, some large with petals wide open and others tiny and delicate. Red-topped mushrooms with white spots dot the forest floor. Their presence adds bright pops of colour and hints at the fairytale that might be unfolding in this story. Sprigs of berries and leaves intertwine, as pine cones amongst leaves and flowers remind us that we are crouching low on the forest floor.

The colour scheme of this fabric with its rich dark spruce green background and complementary earthy tones has a feeling of natural harmony. The deep green helps the lighter colours of the forest and children stand out effortlessly to catch the eye, while the pine and berries suggest autumn is coming which fits perfectly with the warm tones in the colours. This lovely gentle pattern would be perfect for children’s or nursery sewing projects, or just for reminding your inner child to take time to stop and enjoy the nature around you.

Michael Miller Fabrics is known for their quality. “Forest Play” is printed on premium 100% cotton fabric, renowned for its softness, breathability, and excellent print clarity. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of sewing projects. We think it would be particularly fun to make a fussy-cut forest quilt, an adorable animal apron, or a woodland wrap dress.

Measuring approximately 110cm (43 inches) in width, “Forest Play” is available for purchase in meter, half-meter or 25cm (skinny quarter) increments. Any multiple quantities or combinations of these will be sent as a continuous length. We also have a fat quarter option, measuring around 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches).

So, if your next project is calling out for some childhood magic or you want to be inspired by the beauty of our British woodland, then I hope that this forest-themed cotton fabric will help you spruce up your creative ideas and make you pine for more sewing adventures!

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Manufacturer Part Number: DC11374-SPRU-D

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