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This awe inspiring underwater panel has been designed by Mark Gregory as part of the Sea World collection for Michael Miller Fabrics. It is approximately 36 inches (91cm) x 43 inches (110cm) and is separated clearly on the fabric from the next panel, so this is the only buying size for this fabric.

As sea-themed cotton fabrics go, this is definitely one of the most eye-catching designs out there. With the busy sealife of the ocean depths merging perfectly into a tropical sunset filled with dolphin and orca jumps above the waves, this fabric manages to capture both a realistic style and a bright colour scheme.

Tropical fish flit through swaying seaweeds and coral in a rainbow of colours and patterns. From yellow tangs to clownfish, these brightly coloured creatures bring pops of bright colours all over the ocean layer as seals, a shark and a stingray swim peacefully between them.

One large turtle glides gracefully through the water in the bottom corner, while in the opposite corner, another rests peacefully on a rock above the water, giving a feeling of perfect balance. Peeking into the other corners, we find a huge pink octopus with its tentacles curled and spread. Some are under the water and others are poking out over the waves, as it guards a pearl-filled shell beside it. The last corner is filled with a playful pod of dolphins leaping and playing gleefully in the sea.

A pair of orca whales jump in the centre. Their monotone colouring is framed perfectly by the warm and bright colours of the sun setting right behind them. Finishing the picture off are jellyfish floating by, starfish clinging to the rocks, and tropical scenery above the water. And what beach fabric would be complete without a flock of seagulls flying past?!

This active, thriving aquatic habitat is so full of life that it brings with it feelings of abundance, carefree freedom and joy. Perfect for bringing a touch of an idyllic world into your life.

Michael Miller Fabrics is known for its high-quality cotton, which makes it perfect to use for a wide variety of sewing projects from quilting to crafting. We think that this huge colourful panel would be particularly fun to use for sewing a wave-filled wall hanging, or a colourful cupboard curtain front, a quiet-time quilt or even a terrific tablecloth!

So if you like sewing with playful sea life themes, then we hope that this ocean cotton panel will help you dive right into your next big project!

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Manufacturer Part Number: DDC11485-MULT-D

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