Bird Toss – Bird Song


  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: QT Fabrics
  • Theme: Birds
  • Pattern: Songbirds
  • Main Colour: Blue
  • Fabric Width: Approximately 110cm (43 inches)
  • Fat Quarter Size: Approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches)
  • Skinny Quarter Size: Approximately 25cm (8.9 inches) x 110cm (43 inches)
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If you like a touch of the outside on the inside, then we hope you’ll enjoy bringing a bit of nature into your next sewing project with this beautiful bird cotton designed by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics. Named “Bird Toss”, this pattern is part of the Bird Song Collection which celebrates the joy that these little birds can bring.

Against a perfectly clear blue summer sky background, a scattering of little branches and bunches of flowers have been sprinkled all over this fabric. But the branches are not bare! On every branch is a small feathery friend. All sorts of little garden songbirds are perched over this pattern. A bossy looking bluetit has its beak held high as if it’s watching out over the fabric. I can just imagine it puffing out its chest and squawking orders to the other birds, as a sparrow seems happily oblivious nearby, as if it’s whistling its own happy little tune. From a friendly robin puffing out its cheery red breast, to a bold blue jay surveying his surroundings with pride, each one of this fabulous flock brings its own unique personality to the pattern.

Each branch frames their little birds perfectly, as leaves and delicate little flowers spread out around the twig. This makes the birds perfect for fussy cutting into blocks, or just lining them up to be the centre of a little pattern like a purse front or a patch pocket.

QT fabrics are known for their high-quality cotton with quilters kept in mind, so this fabric is not only perfect for quilting, but also for a whole range of other sewing projects. We think that this pattern would be particularly fun to make bluetit bunting, a jay journal cover or even a button-down bird dress!

At approximately 110cm (43 inches) in width, Bird Toss is available in per meter (39 ⅓ inches), half a meter (19 ½ inches), or a skinny quarter (measuring 25cm/9.8 inches) lengths. Multiple quantities or combinations of these cuts will be sent as one continuous piece, so for example if you want 125cm, just add a metre and a skinny quarter. We also have a fat quarter size, measuring approximately 55cm x 50cm (21 ½ x 19 ½ inches).

So if you like sewing scenes full of birdsong and garden glory, then we hope that this cheerful songbird cotton will have you chirping with joy!

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Manufacturer Part Number: 30279-Q

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