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In a little forest in gentle pastel colours, woodland animals are busy playing. “Acorn Animal Adventures” is an adorable forest animal pattern printed on waterproof polyurethane laminate fabric – also known as PUL fabric.

The small print of these animals makes this fabric perfect for smaller projects like breast pads, make-up pouches, reusable cloth sanitary pads and more. Or, for sewing projects where you want the pattern to feel less overwhelming or competing for attention with other fabrics, for example, if you were making a bag lining or raincoat.

In this sweet woodland scene, you’ll find a tender moment where a mummy hedgehog is nuzzling her baby. Their noses are touching lovingly, as nearby a deer lies down to rest with a little bunny rabbit curled up fast asleep on its back. These touching scenes of animal affection give a lovely warm and friendly feel to the pattern.

In this little critter community, a squirrel clutches an acorn as leaves swirl past gently on an autumn breeze above its head. A fox sits up nearby, looking around and watching something behind it while the other animals gather food and rest.

Between the woodland animals are other forest touches. Delicate branches curve between them, with leaves of some starting to turn into warm autumn oranges and pinks. Flowers, berries and acorns add an extra sprinkle of natural charm too. The colour scheme is a warm gentle pastel combination, giving a feeling of calmness, autumn abundance and happiness with the animals and their leafy home.

Being a PUL fabric, it is just as practical as it is pretty. This fabric is breathable, waterproof, and has a little bit of stretch, making it an ideal choice for lots of projects. At 145cm (57 inches) wide, you can buy “Acorn Animal Adventures” by the meter (39 ⅓ inches) or half-meter (19 ½ inches). Multiple quantities will be sent as one continuous piece. If you require a smaller amount, we also have fat quarters available (48cm x 50cm, roughly 18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches).

As with all our PUL fabrics, there may be a wide selvedge which may be uncoated, or coated with laminate past the edge. This does not affect the usable width. To keep your woodland animal fabric at its best, we recommend a gentle 30°C wash. If you want any more help with this fabric, then we have a handy PUL fabric guide full of sewing tips and project ideas.

So if you’ve been squirreling away some creative ideas and now you are looking for some little animals to join you on your next sewing adventure then we hope that this woodland animal PUL fabric will help you branch out with your creations!

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