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This waterproof Polyurethane Laminate Fabric (also known as PUL fabric) is beautifully patterned with country garden flowers.

With a crisp white background, these beautiful blooms are bursting into flower in every direction. From wide open velvety petals, spiraling rose petals and even small delicate blossoms, there are so many floral shapes to catch your eye.

The flowers are typical of countryside summer gardens. In this pattern, they have been coloured in shades of mustard yellow, lavender blue and watermelon pink. The flowers weave between each other almost as if they are swaying together on a warm summery breeze. These rich and inviting colours stand out boldly from the simple background, and give a feeling of cheerful enjoyment of nature in a place filled with tranquillity.

Between the prettiness of the flowers are leaves and stems. They gracefully intertwine with the flowers in a variety of sizes as well as shapes, which range from whispy feathery leaves to rounded rose leaves making the scene feel more varied and natural. Along with the intricate detailing, there is an artistic touch of realism to this design.

But this isn’t just a pretty pattern, this polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, with its waterproof properties, means that it is a fantastically practical fabric. Being breathable, soft, drapeable, lightweight and having a slight stretch, it is perfect for a wide range of sewing projects such as cloth nappy covers, shower hats, raincoats, nappy bags, swim bags and lots more.

This PUL fabric has a food-safe certification. This means that it has been tested against strict criteria to make sure that this material is safe to come into contact with food. This opens up a whole other range of possible sewing projects, like snack bags, lunch bags, food storage sacks or reusable food wraps. We advise against direct contact with hot food or heat sources such as microwaves or ovens, as the fabric can be damaged by high temperatures.

This floral fabric measures approximately 150cm (59 inches) wide. It is available to buy in per-metre or half-metre lengths. Multiple quantities of these will be sent as a continuous fabric piece. If you only need a smaller amount, we also have a fat quarter size which is approximately 50cm x 50cm (19 ½ x 19 ½ inches).

To prolong the lifespan of this fabric and to keep the colours vibrant, we recommend washing it at 30°C or below. Please note that PUL fabrics may have a wide selvedge. The lamination might not cover the entire selvedge edge or may overlap it. This does not affect the usable width of the fabric.

If you’d like more project inspiration or to read more tips for sewing with PUL fabrics, you might want to have a look at our PUL fabric guide.

Known Fabric Certifications:

    • Certified Food Safe – CTI tested to confirm that it complies with (EU)No 10/2011 Commission regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Also against the (EU) 2020/1245 regulation amendment.

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