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Set amongst a smokey purple background, colourful dragons fill this playful pattern. “Dragon Dreams” is a waterproof PUL fabric that is full of fun and adventure.

With dragons in pink, blue, green, red and yellow colours, these vibrant mythical creatures with their cheerful expressions are perfect for brightening up a day, no matter how rainy it is. The dragons come in all shapes and sizes, each bringing a bit of unique personality to the design. Some are short and rounded while others have long necks like a brachiosaurus. Some have soft spikes on the tops of their heads while others have feathery parts springing out of the sides of their heads like axolotl dragons. Some are full of energy as they twirl and play, while others curl up peacefully to sleep on a cloud.

The deep purple backdrop adds a sense of depth, mystery and magic. Like an enchanted twilight world, this fabric is bursting with tales of quests and excitement. Around the dragons is a whole host of small shapes scattered, almost like little glimpses into the story which has unfolded that day. From tiny fluffy clouds, twinkling stars, and arching rainbows to erupting volcanoes and splashes of water. Leaves in different shapes and sizes flutter down in the sky between them as small flowers and tiny butterflies dance into the distance.

PUL fabric is made of a light polyester fabric which has been coated on the back with a thin film of polyurethane laminate. This makes a fabric which is lightweight, drapeable, breathable, and waterproof, as well as maintaining a slight stretch. This makes it perfect for a whole range of sewing projects. We think that it would be particularly fun to make a dragon dog coat, or a magical mattress protector, or even an adventure filled art apron.

At a width of 145cm (57 inches), this fabric is available by the metre (39 inches), half a metre (19.5 inches), or even a fat quarter (approximately 48cm x 50cm which is about 18.9 x 19.5 inches). As with many PUL fabrics, this fabric may come with a wide selvedge which may not be laminated right up to the edge, or may have lamination overlapping the edge. This doesn’t affect the usable width. If you order more than 1 metre or half metre, it will be sent as a continuous piece.

To keep your dragons vibrant and long-lasting, it’s best to wash at 30°c. If you want some tips with sewing and caring for this fabric or just some more project ideas then you may want to take a peek at our PUL fabric guide.

So if you like sewing with fabrics that fuel the imagination, then we hope that this delightful dragon PUL fabric will have you roaring with delight as you create your own magical projects!

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