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This refreshingly fun waterproof Polyurethane Laminate Fabric (also known as PUL fabric) brings the bubbles to the tea! With all the fun of boba tea and all the cuteness of the kawaii style, this fabric is sure to brighten up any sewing project.

The pattern features assorted drinks scattered over the background at various angles. Each cup is brimming with boba balls. These playful beverages have been drawn in various containers from glass jars with little handles to plastic take-out cups. This gives a fun feeling of enjoying bubble tea everywhere, like maybe this pattern is a visual representation of all the bubble tea someone has drunk in a week!

The teas have been served in different colours and styles. Some regular, some fruity, some part way up the cup and others almost overflowing, some with indulgent whipped cream on top. One jar has even been finished and only has boba balls and ice cubes left. The playful way this drink has been shown is a good reflection of how fun and creative the bubble tea culture is at the moment.

To tie these bubble teas together, each cup has both a swirly straw and a smile! Inside every tea, cute little faces have been formed, mainly with floating boba balls as the eyes. Even the empty drink has a cat face topper on top.

The background is a vibrant turquoise, which reflects the playfulness of the pattern. Between all the drinks are other fun elements too – like boba balls rolling around, a handful of dropped ice cubes and subtle large dots like bubbles.

Happy Bubble Tea pattern is printed on waterproof Polyurethane Laminate Fabric. PUL is breathable, lightweight, and has a gentle stretch, making it ideal for various sewing projects. We think that this pattern would be particularly fun for making protective handbag linings, reusable feminine hygiene pads, cosmetic bags or even an epic coat to wear to the cafe!

This PUL fabric has been certified food-safe. This means that it has been tested against stringent criteria to ensure its safety when in contact with food. This opens up exciting possibilities for sewing projects like snack bags, lunch bags, food storage sacks, and reusable food wraps. We recommend that you avoid using this fabric with hot food or heat sources such as microwaves or ovens, as these could potentially damage the fabric.

Measuring approximately 150cm (59 inches) in width, the Happy Bubble Tea PUL fabric is available in per-meter or half-meter lengths. When purchasing more than one in quantity, you will receive a continuous piece of fabric. Alternatively, for smaller quantities, we offer a fat quarter size of approximately 50cm x 50cm (19 ½ x 19 ½ inches).

To maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your polyurethane laminate fabric, we recommend washing it at 30°C or below. Please bear in mind that the PUL fabric may feature a wide selvedge, and the lamination might not cover the entire selvedge edge or may overlap it. However, this does not affect the usable width of the fabric.

If you’d like more project inspiration and helpful tips on sewing with PUL fabrics, we also have a PUL fabric guide.

Known Fabric Certifications:

    • Certified Food Safe – CTI tested to confirm that it complies with (EU)No 10/2011 Commission regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Also against the (EU) 2020/1245 regulation amendment.

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