Ikat Inspired (Food Safe)


  • Fabric Type PUL: Polyurethane Laminate Fabric
  • Main Colours: Blue & White
  • Theme: Other
  • Pattern: Ikat inspired decorative stripes
  • Fabric width: 150cm (59 inches)
  • Fat quarter size approximately: 50cm x 50cm (19 ½ x 19 ½ inches)
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This waterproof Polyurethane Laminate Fabric (also known as PUL fabric) has been inspired by ikat fabrics. Ikat originates from Southeast Asia and involves dyeing the yarns before they are woven into intricate patterns. The result? Incredible repeating designs which appear in a perfectly imperfect way with soft blurred edges to the lines. It is a style that feels both mesmerising to look at, yet gentle on the eyes.

This pattern uses only 2 shades of blue against a pristine white background. This limited colour palette again reflects the Ikat style where it would be usual to keep the focus on the pattern rather than many colours. The deliberate use of only slight variations in hue for the blues adds depth and dimension to the pattern. It also takes on more similarities to the subtle colour shifts in traditional Ikat where yarns take up more or less dye, which adds slight natural variations.

The shapes are arranged in rows, with sections taking on their repeating patterns within stripes. Brush strokes run in all directions. Some lines are bold and relatively straight, some arranged in geometric patterns, while others take on a fluid wave, like the gentle movement of the ocean. Although the overall movement of the fabric is horizontal, many lines travel both vertically and diagonally, adding a bolder sense of movement and energy to the gentle waves.

Shapes often appear inside of bigger shapes, for example, smaller diamonds within large diamonds or circles within stripes. You’ll also find dark lines over light lines or spots within crescent shapes. This encourages your eye to look closer, which is part of the mesmerising charm.

Half suns poke out over the wavy ocean lines. They reflect both up and down. This symmetry of every sun facing up, also having a sun facing down suggests it is maybe a reflection of every day having a sunrise and sunset. The gentle curves of the waves and suns add a feeling of nature while still remaining a more abstract pattern overall.

There is a feeling of gentle balance and symmetry in this pattern, with no expectation of perfection. It makes for a pattern that can be used in both a tranquil or energetic way.

Being PUL fabric, this pattern is not just pretty, it is also a very practical fabric. It is not only waterproof, but also breathable, soft, lightweight, and possesses a slight stretch. This makes it perfect for a whole range of sewing projects like beach bags,  cloth nappy covers, raincoats, cosmetic pouches and much more.

This PUL fabric holds a food-safe certification. This means that it has been tested against stringent standards for contact with food items. This means that it is possible to safely make sewing projects like snack bags, lunch bags, food storage sacks, or reusable food wraps. However, it is important to note that direct contact with hot food or heat sources such as microwaves or ovens may damage the fabric so is not recommended.

This polyurethane laminate fabric measures approximately 150cm (59 inches) wide. It is available in both per-meter and half-meter lengths. Multiple quantities will be provided as a continuous fabric piece. A smaller fat quarter size, measuring approximately 50cm x 50cm (19 ½ x 19 ½ inches), is also available.

To increase the lifespan of this fabric and keep the blues vibrant, we recommend washing it at or below 30°C. Please be aware that PUL fabrics may have a wider selvedge. The lamination may not cover the entire selvedge edge or may slightly overlap it. This does not affect the usable width of the fabric.

For more inspiration and tips on sewing with PUL fabrics, we have also written a PUL fabric guide that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Known Fabric Certifications:

    • Certified Food Safe – CTI tested to confirm that it complies with (EU)No 10/2011 Commission regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Also against the (EU) 2020/1245 regulation amendment.

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