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Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) Fabric - Arrows


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“Polyurethane laminate fabric” which is also known as waterproof PUL fabric, is a waterproof yet breathable fabric. This PUL is made of a thin polyester knit fabric that has a cling film like waterproof polyurethane layer bonded to the back. This makes for a soft, lightweight and flexible fabric with some stretch.

Please note that some of our PUL fabric comes with a wide selvedge and lamination doesn’t always cover the entire selvedge edge. This does not affect the useable width.

Polyurethane laminate is perfect for sewing projects such as wet bags, cloth nappies, cloth sanitary pads, baby changing mats, washable sanitary products etc.

Although PUL is often considered machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to improve the durability and vibrancy of the fabric.

For more information on polyurethane laminate fabric, see our free sewing tutorial – PUL fabric guide where you can find out more about what PUL fabric is and how to get the best results sewing with it. It also gives further information on general material care to help your projects last for longer, as well as lots more ideas and project suggestions for how to use this wonderfully versatile fabric.

Our PUL fabric is available to purchase by the fat quarter, half a metre and by the metre. Fabric width is approximately 150cm which is about 59 inches.

Fat quarter size is approximately 50cm x 50cm which is about 19 ½ x 19 ½ inches

Additional information

Fabric Size

Fat Quarter, Half Metre, Per Metre


All fabrics will be cut as a continuous piece unless you ask us otherwise. In the unlikely event this isn’t possible we will always contact you first. 

Our fabrics are all hand cut with care, never torn.

We recommend that all of our fabrics are washed at 30°c or below to improve fabric durability and colour vibrancy.

We try to match the colours in our photos as closely as possible but some differences may occur.

Size Guide & Conversion

1 Metre = approx. 39  Inches

Half Metre = approx. 19 ½ Inches

Fat Quarter = approx. 50cm x 40-50cm

(approx. 19½ Inches x 15 ¾ – 19½ Inches)