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Get ready to flutter into a world of sunny smiles with our “Butterfly Breeze” PUL fabric. This summery butterfly pattern has been lovingly designed by our very own Linda right here at Sewing Bee Fabrics. Inspired by her love of nature and the captivating beauty of nature’s most elegant creatures, this pattern features an array of beautiful butterflies gracefully fluttering amidst a garden of large dreamy purple and blue flowers, with small sprays of golden flowers blossoming in between.

Allow your creativity to take flight with this enchanting fabric, infusing your sewing projects with the charm and elegance of these delicate winged creatures and their flourishing surroundings. This beautiful pattern serves as a reminder of the transformative power of creativity and the boundless potential that lies within each of us. So we hope that this fabric will help you spread your creative wings as this magical meadow is sure to help you spark joy in whatever you make with it!

Our polyurethane laminate fabric, affectionately known as waterproof PUL fabric, is comprised of a thin polyester knit with a waterproof polyurethane layer bonded to the back. This fabric is lightweight, flexible, and offers a slight stretch, making it a dream to sew for all sorts of sewing projects such as wet bags, cloth nappies, cloth sanitary pads, baby changing mats, and washable sanitary products. These delicate butterflies are perfect for any projects that want to evoke the spirit of sunlit strolls, picnics in the park, and lazy afternoons spent daydreaming among the blooms.

Though PUL is often considered machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to preserve the fabric’s durability and vibrant hues. For more guidance on working with PUL fabric, flutter over to our PUL fabric guide, where you’ll discover sewing tips, material care advice, and a whole host of project ideas that you can make with this versatile material.

This “Butterfly Breeze” PUL fabric is available in fat quarters, half-metres, and by the metre. When buying by the half metre or metre, the fabric width is approximately 150cm, which is about 59 inches. Some PUL fabric has a wide selvedge which is not always laminated right up to the edge, but fear not, this does not affect the usable width. If you need a smaller amount, then our fat quarter size is approximately 50cm x 50cm, which is about 19 ½ x 19 ½ inches. Regardless of what size you need, we hope that these beaming butterflies and fabulous florals will help to whisk you away to a blissful paradise where summer never ends.


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