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Introducing our captivating “Enchanted Ocean” polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, lovingly designed by our very own Linda at Sewing Bee Fabrics! We hope that this pattern will transport you to a breathtaking underwater realm, brimming with colour and life, where every glance reveals a delightful new detail. A fabric that will help let your creativity flow like the gentle currents, where soon you’ll be immersed in a world of sewing possibilities.

Picture yourself diving into a serene seascape where dolphins of all shades glide gracefully, some in their natural hues, others dazzling in vivacious oranges. Amongst these aquatic friends are gentle pink starfish, and vibrant fishes swimming amongst the swaying seaweed, with beautiful pops of colour from charming clusters of underwater flora. Bask in the warmth of sunlit streaks that dance through the water, or lose yourself to the little pockets of magic as a rainbow streak beams through.

We know that life can be hectic, so we’ve crafted this pattern to be a haven for your senses, a place where you can lose yourself in the soothing embrace of the ocean, feeling rejuvenated and inspired. We hope that our “Enchanted Ocean” fabric will spark joy and creativity, and help you craft something with style and flair.

Our fabric isn’t just about how it looks! It’s also a delight to work with, thanks to its soft, lightweight, and flexible nature, accompanied by some stretch. This PUL fabric is made of a thin polyester knit with a waterproof polyurethane layer bonded to the back, creating a waterproof yet breathable material. This makes it a truly versatile fabric, so you can use it for a whole host of sewing projects.

If you’re ready to dive deep into a sea of sewing possibilities, there is a tidal wave of possibilities waiting for you. Whether you want to sew washable hygiene products, a gorgeous raincoat, or even a wet bag for your own swimming things, we are sure you’ll create waves of excitement in every project you create. Remember to wash at 30°C or below to keep the colours vibrant and keep your beautiful creation looking great for longer.

But if you’re feeling a little more unsure, you can dive into our free sewing tutorial – the PUL Fabric Guide. You’ll learn the ins and outs of sewing with polyurethane laminate fabrics, as well as tips on maintaining its longevity and there is also a treasure trove of project ideas, waiting for you to explore.

Don’t let the wide selvedge dampen your spirits; though lamination might not cover the entire edge, it won’t affect the usable width. Cast your net wide, and reel in your fabric by the fat quarter, half a metre, or by the metre. With a fabric width of approximately 150cm (about 59 inches), and a fat quarter size of roughly 50cm x 50cm (19 ½ x 19 ½ inches), you’ll have ample canvas for your oceanic creations.

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