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If you like fabrics that boast colour and vibrancy, then “Enchanted Pond Life” is just waiting to catch your eye. This waterproof PUL is a riot of colours as the frogs leap amongst night flowers.

Set against a black background, this fabric uses bright rainbow colours for all of the patterns for a bold and striking effect. Frogs, in vibrant gradients from lime greens to yellows and oranges are the heart of this pattern. Some are sitting and some are spread mid-leap or crawl with their delicate webbed feet outstretched, adding a dynamic energy to the fabric.

Amongst the frogs are beautiful open flowers. These blooms burst in shades of mainly pink, orange, and purple, looking almost luminescent against the deep background, surrounded by the occasional leaves peeking out beneath.

Adding to the night theme are small moths flitting around between the flowers. They are tinted mainly in varying hues from yellow to blue and purple, adding an ethereal magical element that draws you in to look closer.

Sprinkled between are small twinkling stars, echoing the colours of all the other features, and helping to make the fabric look like a fantastical nighttime garden.

This PUL fabric is both waterproof and breathable with a small amount of stretch. The versatility of this practical fabric as well as the bright eye-catching colour scheme would make it a great choice for sewing projects like make-up pouches with a touch of magic or aquatic-inspired wet bags, or a stunning raincoat that is bound to be a conversation starter.

Available in a width of 145cm (57 inches), this frog-themed fabric is available by the metre (39 ⅓ inches) or half a metre (19 ½ inches). Multiple quantities of these will be cut as a continuous piece. If you only need a smaller cut, then this fabric is also available as a fat quarter (48cm x 50cm which is approximately 18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches). As is common with PUL fabrics, there may be a wide selvedge that isn’t always laminated to the edge, but this doesn’t affect the useable width.

To keep your frogs and flowers bright, it’s best to wash this fabric at 30°c or below. For those new to the world of polyurethane laminate fabrics, or just always on the lookout for extra tips and ideas, then you might want to take a peek at our PUL fabric guide.

So, if you’re looking to leap into your next sewing project and add a splash of rainbow colours to your next sewing project, then I hope that this fabric will help you do just that.

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