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In the magical world of Fairytale Wonderland, there is a delightful dance of enchanting fairy illustrations created by designer Angela De Sol in this charming pattern. This waterproof PUL fabric is a fun childhood fairytale, brimming with hints of magic and wonder.

The fairies are just the beginning of the tale that this fabric tells. Nestled around them is so much attention to detail that you’ll discover something new each time you look at it. This level of intricacy makes it feel as though you’re peering into an enchanted world. From flowers to wands and princess crowns, every feature has been lovingly designed to remind you of classic fairytale stories and make you ponder what this fairytale story could be.

If you look closely at the pattern you’ll see butterflies dancing around rainbows, fluttering between enchanted carriages and castle towers as if caught in a moment of delightful merriment. Hearts are scattered throughout adding a touch of affection that brings an overall feeling of warmth to the design.

This is a lightweight polyurethane laminate fabric (also known as PUL). Being both breathable and having a slight stretch to the fabric makes it a drapeable and versatile option which is ideal for a large range of waterproof projects. For little ones who love all things fairytale, this fabric would be perfectly suited to nappy covers, raincoats, play mats, bibs, baby changing bags and so much more. Don’t worry, though, this fabric isn’t just for the kids. Adults who enjoy a touch of magic will also find this fabric a joy to work with. The waterproof quality of this fabric brings functionality to the realm of fantasy. Helping your unique creations to not only be adorable but practical. From cute make-up pouches to lunch bag liners this magical fabric can help stop spills in the most adorable of ways.

With a width of 145cm (57 inches), it’s easy to turn this fairytale into reality, whether you’re creating a magical picnic mat or an enchanting raincoat. Choose from the lengths by the metre (39×57 inches), half a metre (19 1/2 x 57 inches), or fat quarter (approx. 48 x 50cm/18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches) sizes, depending on the size of your project. Please note that this fabric may come with a wide selvedge that might not be laminated to the edge. This does not affect the useable fabric width.

This PUL fabric is best cared for by washing at 30°c or below to prolong the charming hues and the fabric’s longevity. Should you need any more information on PUL fabrics, we’ve got you covered. Hop over to our PUL fabric guide for a wealth of tips, tricks and project ideas that you can use with this fabric or any of our other Polyurethane laminate fabrics.

If you’re ready to bring a sprinkle of magic to your crafty creations then this is a fantastic fabric to choose.

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