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On this enchanting waterproof polyurethane laminate fabric, adorable foxes come alive as they play on a teal-green background. This charming pattern, teeming with sweet foxes in various poses, helps to capture the joy of nature and the delight of woodland critters.

Designed by the very talented Galina, these frolicking foxes are full of personality. They might even be the happiest foxes you could hope to meet. Whether they’re walking with a confident strut, standing with a sense of charm, sitting down taking a breather, or just curled up resting, these creatures look content to add a touch of fun and happiness to your next sewing project.

The teal-green background is full of subtle life, adorned with grass markings, delicate leaves, little flowers and quaint mushrooms. It’s a meadow of delight, creating a picture of foxes enjoying their frolic in the lush greenery. Its vibrant colour palette, combined with the playful illustrations of happy foxes, makes it a heart-warming sight that’s hard to resist for both adults and children alike.

This polyurethane laminate fabric, affectionately known as PUL, is both lightweight and breathable, offering a dash of stretch for a wider range of uses. Thanks to these wonderful properties, this fabric finds itself just at home in a wide range of waterproof projects. Suitable for both waterproof clothing as well as homeware, reusable sanitary products and baby-related needs, this fabric is just as functional as it is cute. Who wouldn’t want a meadow of foxes overseeing their lunch bag or playing across a baby bib?!

At a width of 145cm (or 57 inches if you prefer), this fabric is great whether your project is large or small. Choose between lengths of a metre (39×57 inches), half a metre (19 1/2 x 57 inches) or a fat quarter (approx. 48x50cm/18 ¾ x 19 1/2 inches) depending on the size of your creative vision.

Please note that this fabric may come with a wide selvedge that might not be laminated to the edge. This does not affect the useable fabric width.

In terms of care, although PUL is known to be able to handle a bit of heat in the wash, we recommend showing it a bit of extra love by washing at 30°c or less. This simple act of kindness will help maintain its vibrant colours and prolong its life. For more insights into working with this fabulous fabric, pop over to our PUL fabric guide. There are lots of tips, tricks and project inspiration that’ll hopefully help you to fall in love with this fabric even more.

So if you have a soft spot for woodland critters and want to help bring a touch of joy wherever you go, then this could be the perfect fabric for your next project.

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