Frosty Snowman Festivities

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If you’re ready to take on winter and dive into the snowy fabrics, then “Frosty Snowman Festivities” is already there! This delightful waterproof polyurethane laminate fabric is full of all the festive snowmen you could want.

The serene light blue backdrop, reminiscent of a wintry sky,is the background for these fun snowmen, who themselves look like they have fallen from the sky with the snow to land in all sorts of angles. Each snowman is distinctively dressed up, made lovingly with scarves and headwear – be it a bobble hat, a floppy elf-like hat, or snug ear warmers, so they all look well equipped for the cold.

With bright smiles, characteristic carrot noses, waving stick arms, and a trio of buttons in shades of pink, emerald green, and lime green, these snowmen look full of life.

As if in a gentle snowfall, varying sizes of round dots decorate the background between the snowmen, with larger spots showcasing white snowflakes nestled within. These snowflake-filled dots add fun pops of eye-catching colour, in vibrant hues of greens, pinks, and orange.

This Christmas PUL fabric offers the ideal blend of waterproof and breathable qualities, with just the right hint of stretch. Given its enchanting snowman theme, it’s the perfect go-to choice for winter-related waterproof sewing projects. This fabric would be perfect for an all-weather festive coat, a Christmassy chair cover, some holiday-themed hiking trousers or maybe even a merry little make-up bag. You could even use your scraps to make some quick no-fray holiday bunting to put up outside your front door!

The width of this polyurethane laminate fabric is 145cm (57 inches) when you purchase by the metre (39 ⅓ inches) or half a metre (19 ½ inches). Multiple quantities here will be sent as a continuous piece. If you need a smaller amount, this fabric is also available in a fat quarter size (48cm x 50cm which is about 18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches). As with many other PUL fabrics, there might be a wide selvedge, which may not always be laminated to the edge. However, this in no way limits the usable width.

To maintain the vibrant snowmen and ensure they stay merry and bright, it’s recommended to wash this fabric at 30°c or below. If you’re seeking tips or insights on working with PUL, there’s a comprehensive PUL fabric guide brimming with useful tidbits to help you sew this fabric, and inspiration for your next sewing projects too.

So, if the winter season inspires you to craft, then we hope that “Frosty Snowman Festivities” will help you to fill your sewing room with joyful snowmen and festive fun!

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