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This collection of geometric tone-on-tone patterns features 8 different colours all in varying complementary patterns. Within these lines and shapes, each fabric in the collection holds its own unique charm. Designed to work harmoniously in unison or to stand boldly on their own, these polyurethane laminate fabrics offer endless possibilities for colour combining on all your waterproof sewing projects.

This fabric collection features a gentle rainbow of colours to choose from. Take a colour journey from soft lavender purple, warm blushes of red, a soothing glow of orange, a comforting pastel yellow, calming fresh light lime green, peaceful emerald green, and tranquil soft turquoise, to the mellow serenity of a muted blue. Tone-on-tone patterns are great for creating a sense of depth and texture in your creations while maintaining a unified colour scheme. They subtly draw the eye, adding visual interest without overwhelming the overall design.

The versatility of this PUL fabric, combined with its geometric allure, makes this collection ideal for a wide range of waterproof sewing projects. These fabrics would be perfect for creating a beautiful colour-blocked raincoat, or perhaps a collection of reusable grocery bags, each in a different tone, making each trip to the supermarket a colourful adventure.

The beauty of these fabrics is also their adaptability. Whether you want to create a geometric-centred project, subtly enhance other patterns or create a contrasting pop of colour to bring out your statement pattern, the “Geometric Tone” collection is perfect for a wide range of sewing uses.

This polyurethane laminate fabric, which is also known as waterproof PUL fabric, is comprised of a thin polyester knit with a waterproof polyurethane layer bonded to the back. This fabric is lightweight, flexible, and breathable and offers a slight stretch, making it a great choice for all sorts of sewing projects from waterproof clothing to reusable sanitary products, bags, outdoor bunting, baby bibs, nappy covers and lots more.

Although PUL is typically machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to preserve the fabric’s durability and vibrant hues. For more guidance on working with PUL fabric, be sure to check out our PUL fabric guide, where you’ll find sewing tips, material care advice, and a whole host of project ideas that you can make with this versatile material.

This tonal PUL fabric is available in fat quarters, half-metres, and by the metre. When buying by the half metre or metre, the fabric width is approximately 145cm, which is about 57 inches. Some PUL fabric has a wide selvedge which is not always laminated right up to the edge, but fear not, this does not affect the usable width. If you need a smaller amount, then our fat quarter size is approximately 48cm x 50cm, which is about 18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches.

We hope these geometric patterns will be the rainbow of complementary colours that will help brighten up your projects.


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Purple, Pink-Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Emerald Green, Turquoise, Blue

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