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This waterproof polyurethane laminate fabric features a fun kitty-themed take on space constellations, blending the celestial with the cute!

Set against the inky black depths of the night sky, this fabric showcases a playful parade of feline silhouettes. From gracefully sitting to leaning back and curling up, each cat is outlined in white, with twinkling eyes and delicate whiskers capturing their enchanting charm. With a speckle of stars dotted between, it’s as if each kitty has claimed a piece of the cosmos for itself, marking their territory among the stars, which I’m sure they would if they could!

As well as the little stars, between the cats are also the outlines of crescent-shaped moons, which help to make the night sky come alive. The combination of cats and stars presents a delightful mix, giving the black cat the centre stage for a change and making this fabric a treat for those who adore the mysteries of space as well as those who enjoy the playful antics of cats.

This PUL fabric, with its waterproof and breathable properties coupled with a hint of stretch, offers plenty of versatility. “Kitty Constellations” could be the star of many sewing projects. Maybe a moonlit picnic blanket, a starry night bag, a cat-themed raincoat, or even a celestial cosmetic pouch.

Stretching 145cm (57 inches) in width, you can purchase “Kitty Constellations” by the metre (39 ⅓ inches) or half a metre (19 ½ inches). Ordering multiple quantities will always be sent as a continuous piece. If you’re after smaller quantities, it’s also available as a fat quarter (48cm x 50cm which is about 18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches). Like other PUL fabrics, there might be a wider selvedge, which might not always be laminated to the edge, but the usable width doesn’t include this area.

To ensure your cosmic cats remain brighter and last longer, it’s advised to wash the fabric at 30°c or lower. If this is the first time you’ve used polyurethane laminate fabric or you just want to pick up some extra tips or ideas, then our  PUL fabric guide is packed with insights, techniques, and project inspirations.

So, if the vastness of space and the allure of felines call out to your creative spirit, then we hope that “Kitty Constellations” will add a sprinkle of stardust to your sewing adventures!

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