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Dive into a world of aquatic wonder with the “Mermaid Lagoon” polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric. This fabric has been designed by Linda, right here at Sewing Bee Fabrics! This enchanting fabric showcases an underwater ocean scene, featuring golden-haired mermaids cradling yellow and pink fish, mother and baby dolphins lovingly swimming together, clusters of vibrant clownfish, blushing pink jellyfish, floating starfish, and turquoise seahorses bobbing past. All these magical creatures are set against a deep sea blue background, inviting you to explore the beauty of the ocean’s depths.

The “Mermaid Lagoon” PUL fabric is not just fun to look at, but also a practical choice for your waterproof sewing projects. Composed of a thin polyester knit material which has been bonded to a cling film-like waterproof polyurethane layer, this fabric is soft, lightweight, and flexible with some stretch.

Our PUL fabric is available to purchase by the fat quarter, half a metre, and by the metre. The width of this fabric is approximately 150cm, which is about 59 inches. Please note that some of our PUL fabric comes with a wide selvedge, and lamination doesn’t always cover the entire selvedge edge. This, however, does not affect the usable width. The fat quarter size is approximately 50cm x 50cm, which is about 19 ½ x 19 ½ inches, and perfect for smaller projects or combining fabrics.

If you’re ready to embark on an undersea sewing adventure, this ocean and Mermaid PUL fabric is ideal for a wide range of sewing projects. Whether you are crafting mer-mazing wet bags, or sewing up a sea-tastic table cover, we hope that these captivating ocean-dwellers will inspire you to immerse yourself in the magical world of the deep blue sea.

Although PUL is often considered machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to improve the durability and vibrancy of the fabric. For more information on polyurethane laminate fabric, advice on sewing with this versatile material and plenty of ideas for more sewing projects, see our free sewing tutorial on Polyurethane Laminate Fabric.

We hope you’ll enjoy sewing your way to an underwater paradise with the delightful PUL fabric, and that you can let your creations swim in a sea of wonder and enchantment.

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