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Night Flight Magic, is an enthralling pattern of bat illustrations on a waterproof PUL fabric. This striking pattern is a nod to the beauty and magic of the night sky, complete with stars that light up the blackness.

Are you a creature of the night who enjoys adding a touch of mystical to your surroundings? Or perhaps you love to mix unique prints in your creations? Either way, this fabric is a fabulous choice. The purple bats have been drawn in a quirky contrast against the black background, creating an aura of eerie yet playful intrigue. Then there are the stars – eerie green-yellow and pink hues that dot the black sky, casting a magical glow on the fabric. The stars are more than mere adornments; they bring a captivating and mystical quality to the design, giving it depth and character.

This waterproof PUL fabric, with its light weight, breathability and slight stretch, offers versatility that makes it ideal for a multitude of spooky and fun waterproof projects. What about crafting some Halloween decor like outdoor spooky bunting or treat bags that will keep your goodies dry, or even a festive coat for your dog? Or how about sewing up some bewitching trousers to hike in all weathers or a protective yet eye-catching laptop bag?

Measuring 145cm (57 inches) in width, Night Flight Magic offers plenty of room for your creativity to take flight. This polyurethane laminate fabric is available in lengths by the metre (39×57 inches), half a metre (19 1/2 x 57 inches), or fat quarter (approx. 48 x 50cm/18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches) to suit your crafting needs.

Please note that this fabric may come with a wide selvedge that might not be laminated to the edge. This does not affect the useable fabric width.

This PUL fabric will stay vibrant and at its best for the longest if you wash at 30°c or below. For more guidance on handling PUL fabrics, don’t forget to check our PUL fabric guide. It’s filled with handy tips, tricks, and project ideas to make the most of this material.

If you want to bring a touch of enchantment to your projects, then this blend of bold bats and stylish stars is bound to be a hit amongst those who appreciate the beauty of the night sky, have an affinity for the mystical, or simply love something that’s a bit different from the norm.

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