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*** Please Note – Due to a factory cutting error, this fabric is only available in generous metre, half-metre and fat quarter pieces. Continuous metres are NOT currently available on this fabric. ***

This polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, “Painted Purr-fection” is a design that will have you feline fabulous! This pretty kitty fabric features silhouettes of cats, each in a gorgeous rainbow watercolour paint gradient in shades from purple to orange to yellow, against a crisp white background. Accompanied by little paws, the cats strike various poses – sitting, stretching, walking, or playing – creating a purr-fectly delightful pattern for your sewing projects.

Not only is the “Painted Purr-fection” PUL fabric fun to look at, but it’s also a functional gem! This waterproof and breathable fabric is composed of a thin polyester knit bonded to a cling film-like waterproof polyurethane layer, resulting in a soft, lightweight, and flexible material with some stretch.

This fun cat PUL fabric pattern was designed by our very Linda, right here at Sewing Bee Fabrics. Inspired by her own playful kittens, the combination of captivating cat silhouettes and the dreamy watercolour gradient creates a harmonious blend of delight and elegance that we hope will inspire and delight any cat lover. We hope that this fabric has captured the grace and playfulness of our feline friends in a vibrant, eye-catching design that people won’t be able to resist falling head over paws with.

Although PUL is often considered machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to improve the durability and vibrancy of this fabric. It is available to purchase by the fat quarter, half a metre, and by the metre. The width of this PUL fabric is approximately 150cm, which is about 59 inches. Please note that some of our PUL fabric comes with a wide selvedge, and lamination doesn’t always cover the entire selvedge edge. This, however, does not affect the usable width. There is also a fat quarter size option for those who require a smaller cut. This is approximately 50cm x 50cm, which is about 19 ½ x 19 ½ inches.

We hope you’ll find this animal-themed polyurethane laminate fabric the purr-fect choice for your next sewing project that requires a waterproof touch. Whether you’re crafting wet bags, cloth nappies, waterproof clothing, baby changing mats, or washable sanitary products, these artistic feline friends are eager to accompany you on your creative journey!

For more information on polyurethane laminate fabric, see our free sewing tutorial – PUL fabric guide, where you can find out more about what PUL fabric is and how to get the best results sewing with it. It also gives further information on general material care to help your projects last for longer, as well as lots more ideas and project suggestions for how to use this wonderfully versatile fabric.

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