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“Shark Splash” is a waterproof PUL fabric filled with playful sharks – two traditionally shaped friendly-faced fellows and one quirky hammerhead, each popping their fins, and heads above the waves, showcasing their contagious smiles.

Rather than their traditional fearful persona, these sharks look more like the guests at a pool party. The blue watery backdrop mimics calm water on a sun-kissed summer’s day, setting the mood for these underwater pals in a world where every day feels like a friendly beach day.

This polyurethane laminate fabric is both waterproof and breathable with a hint of stretch. This makes it a really versatile fabric that is perfect for a whole host of projects from bibs to beach bags.

The fabric has a width of 145cm (57 inches), and is available in lengths by the metre (39 × 57 inches), half a metre (19 ½ x 57 inches), or the handy fat quarter (approx. 48 x 50cm/18 ¾ x 19 ½ inches). Like many PUL fabrics, there might be a broad selvedge, not always laminated to the edge, but rest assured, that won’t affect the usable width.

To keep the playful sharks at their best, it’s recommended to wash this PUL fabric at a gentle 30°c or lower. For those diving into the world of PUL for the first time or even if you’re just looking for some new ideas, we’ve put together a comprehensive PUL fabric guide. Packed with useful tips, tricks, and project ideas.

So, if you’re ready to dive in and looking for a fabric that is bound to make some waves then we hope that “Shark Splash” will be the fun you are looking for to add some inspiration to your next project.

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