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Embrace the beauty of nature with “Succulent Oasis”, a PUL fabric, designed by Linda right here at Sewing Bee Fabrics. This pretty pattern showcases a realistic and vibrant pattern of sempervivum succulents in varying shades of green, celebrating the captivating charm of these low-maintenance rockery plants. Just watch as your projects bloom with the beauty and grace of these charming plants.

Let the serene beauty of this “Succulent Oasis” PUL fabric inspire your sewing as you stitch your way into a world of enchanting greenery. With its detailed, lifelike pattern and soothing colour palette, this fabric will bring a touch of natural splendour to all your waterproof sewing projects.

Succulents have long been admired for their unique ability to thrive in various conditions with minimal care, making them a symbol of strength and adaptability. This delightful fabric captures that essence and brings a sense of tranquillity and harmony to your sewing projects. The succulent theme is a highly versatile pattern. From modern minimalism to rustic charm, this gentle succulent pattern can effortlessly enhance any design scheme, appealing to plant enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those simply seeking a touch of greenery to brighten their lives.

This fabric is made of a thin polyester knit bonded to a cling film-like waterproof polyurethane layer. This makes for a waterproof fabric that is flexible, soft, lightweight and has some stretch.

Our “Succulent Oasis” PUL fabric is available for purchase by the fat quarter, half a metre, and by the metre. The fabric width is approximately 150cm, which is about 59 inches, but if you require a smaller amount, then we offer an alternative, with our fat quarter size being approximately 50cm x 50cm, which is about 19 ½ x 19 ½ inches. Please note that some of our PUL fabric comes with a wide selvedge, and lamination doesn’t always cover the entire selvedge edge, but this does not affect the usable width.

This PUL fabric is perfect for a wide range of waterproof sewing projects, and this fabric’s lush and lifelike pattern will be sure to help make your creations stand out. Indulge in a botanical sewing journey as you stitch up a funky bag or rainproof hiking trousers, or anything else your imagination sprouts! With this plant-themed pattern, your waterproof projects will not only be practical, but they’ll also radiate a little of nature’s resilience and beauty, which is hard to resist.

Although PUL is often considered machine washable up to 50°c, we recommend washing at 30°c or below to improve the durability and vibrancy of this fabric. For more information on polyurethane laminate fabric, you can also see our sewing tutorial on PUL fabric, where you can find out more about what PUL fabric is, how to get the best results sewing with it, and general material care tips to help your projects last for longer. It also suggests plenty of ideas and projects for you to make with this versatile fabric.

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