Rainbow Satin Bias Binding 15mm


Product Type: Bias Binding

Width: 15mm 

Pattern: Rainbow Gradient

Main Colour: Multi

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This rainbow satin bias binding is a vibrant parade of colours that joyously blend into each other to create a brilliant gradient finish. This energetic pattern will add a pop of colour and fun to any project.

The vivid blend of colours on this binding can match a wide variety of fabric colours and patterns and is perfect for adding an eye-catching bold statement or complementary pattern to your piece. Best used for sealing in raw edging or creating piping, this rainbow bias binding can be stitched in a whole range of ways to add a fun twist!

Bias Binding is a tape of fabric which has been cut on the bias at a 45° angle to the selvedge edge. Cutting at this angle results in greater strength and flexibility that makes it much and durable for sealing in edges around curves and corners.

Produced in a single fold, this bias tape is both a versatile and convenient sewing staple. It’s made by folding the two lengthwise edges of the bias fabric inwards to the centre, creating a tidy, narrow band with the raw edges concealed. To use this binding, simply fold the raw edge of your project into the centre and stitch it in place to bind an edge, or wrap your cording in the centre to make your piping, and all edges will be protected out of sight.

At 5/8″ (15mm) wide, this single-fold bias binding is made from high-quality polyester satin. The material’s inherent shine and smoothness help to give a clean and professional finish to your projects. The width of this binding is measured at its current shape (with the raw edges turned under). So folded around a raw edge will leave approx 7mm (0.3 inch) visible on each side of the raw edge. The 15mm or 5/8″ width of our is a versatile and commonly used size. It can handle curves smoothly, providing a neat, clean finish without bunching or distorting the fabric. It’s broad enough to provide a substantial, noticeable edge, yet it’s not so wide that it becomes overwhelming or challenging to work with. This size is particularly well-suited for medium to large projects, such as concealing skirt edges or quilted potholder edges or adding a pop of colour to the piping on a bag or dividing up a curtain with rainbow piping to add a border with extra wow factor.

Satin is a polyester weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. This gloss imparts a lustrous sheen to the binding, giving it an elegant and luxurious appearance. Also, satin’s inherent smoothness makes it pleasant to touch, enhancing not just the visual but also the tactile appeal of your projects.

So if you are looking to add an energetic and lively joyful vibe to your next project, either to add to your colour explosion or to add a statement rainbow edge to a monochrome piece, then this may well be the bias binding that will help you achieve what you are hoping to see!

We’re currently offering a 20% discount on our bias binding when you purchase 2 or more meters. Multiple meters will always be sent as one continuous length, so you’ll have plenty of binding all as one for your project. Keep in mind though that no fabric is endless, so there are joins sewn into this binding which may interrupt the smooth gradient appearance at that point.


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