Embroidery Machine Hoop – 5″x7″ 130mmx180mm – Brother & Babylock


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This is an embroidery machine hoop for Brother and Babylock embroidery machines. It has an embroidering area of 5 inches by 7 inches (130x180mm), making it ideal for larger single designs and lettering.

This hoop is full adjustable via the screw to hold a wide variety of fabric thicknesses and stabilisers. This makes it suitable for a wide range of embroidering projects from delicate fabrics to more substantial fabrics. Should you wish to, you can also float your fabric on top of the hooped stabiliser instead. Or why not try freestanding lace and embroider without the fabric at all?!

This machine embroidery hoop comes with 2 clear placement grids (see the compatibility list below to pick the correct grid for your machine). The grid can be used to help you achieve more accurate placement of embroidery designs. You can also use a whiteboard marker on the grid to make additional markings for easy reference when you are stitching out multiple designs. Then simply wipe clean after. We recommend testing the pen on a corner first in case of any problems removing marks, before drawing on the grid.

Projects where the grid can come in handy, includes making sure that your fabric is lined up straight – compare the grain line with the grid lines and check for any fabric twisting or puckering. It is great at helping you centre your design exactly where you want it on the fabric by placing the grid on the fabric where you want it then positioning the hoop around it. Or you might want to use the grid markings to help you correctly space out a repeating pattern such as a flower border at the bottom of a skirt, or to help you get consistency when sewing the same things multiple times e.g. stitching out a design exactly the same spot for a set of matching napkins. It can be helpful to document the grid spot or photograph it if you might want to repeat your make again in future.

If you are sewing something like towelling where you might want to use an additional stabiliser above your fabric, the grid can be helpful in showing you where to float the additional stabiliser if you aren’t hooping it.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use the grid, the more intuitive placing and lining up your designs will become.

This hoop has an easy-to-clip-on mechanism for putting it on and off of your embroidery machine. This is perfect for quick adjustments, thread snips or applique trimming.

Compatible Embroidery Machines Include:

Use With The Purple Transparent Grid:

  • Brother NV 90/95E/780D/1000
  • Brother NV-750E/1000/1200/1250D
  • Brother Innovis-750E/700Ell/1000/1200/1250/1250D
  • Brother PE-700/700II/750
  • Brother PE-750D/770/780D
  • Babylock Emore/Ellure(BLR)
  • Babylock Ellure(ESL)/Ellure Plus (BLR2)

Use With The Green Transparent Grid:

  • Brother PC-6500/8200/8500/8500D/ NS1150E
  • Babylock Esante1(ESE)/Esasnte2(ESE2)
  • Babylock Ellure (ESL)

The machine embroidery hoop is identified by the product codes SA444 or EF84. If your machine isn’t listed, then you can check your user manual to see if this hoop is suitable for your machine.

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Known Compatible Embroidery Machines:

Manufacturer Part Number: EF84 / SA444

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