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Sewing Bee Fabrics Embroidery Thread – Size A Prewound Bobbins – Lime Green – This is equivalent to Brother Colour 513.

This is part of our own brand of embroidery threads. This is polyester bobbin filament in 60 weight (75D/2). It contains approximately 130 yards (almost 120 metres)

Plastic sides give more product stability than paper, card or sideless threads as they are less prone to damage by oils or humidity. It is also compatible with embroidery machine bobbin thread sensors.

Size A Bobbins are 11mm in height. Embroidery machines that use size A bobbins include:

 Babylock Crafter’s Choice (BLCC) Creative Pro (BL37) & (BL40) Decorator’s Choice (BLDC) Ellageo (BLL), Ellageo Plus (BLL2) Ellure (BLR), Ellure Plus (BLR3) Ellisimo (BLSO), Elisimo Gold (BLSOG) Ellegante (BLG), Ellegante 2 (BLG2), Ellegante 3 (BLG3) Esante (BLN) Espire (BLSR) Grace (BL40A) Intrigue (INT) Quilter’s Choice (BLQC) Symphony (BLSY)
 Bernina  Deco 330 & 340 Bernette 730E & 740E
 Brother BB – 370, 750e BC-1000 BP- 2100, 2800 CE-4000, 1100PRW, 5000PRW, 5500PRW, 7070PRW, 8080PRW, 8150 CP-6500, 7500 CS-100T, 5055PRW, 6000, 6000B, 6000i, 6000T, 8150 Designio – DZ3000, DZ820E DreamCreator – VM5100, VQ2400 Dreamweaver – VQ3000 DreamWeaver XE – VE2200VM6200D Duetta 4500D, Duetta 2 4750D ES-2000, EX-660 HE- 1, 120, 240; HC – 1850; HS-2000, 2500 Innov-ís 40, 40e, 80, 85e, 900D, 950D, 955, 1000, 1500D, 2500D, 2800D,750, 750e, NV800e, 4000D, 5000, 6750D, NX570Q JX- 2517 LB – 6770PRW, 6800PRW, 6800THRD LS – 30, 590,1217, 2125, 2125i, 6770 LX – 2500, 2763, 3125, 3125E, 3850 NX – 200, 250, 400, 400Q, 450, 450Q, 600, 650Q Pacesetter PS21, PS-3700 PC – 210, 210PRW, 420, 420PRW PE – 500, 700, 700II, 750D, 770, 780D Project Runway – 85e Quattro 6000D, Quattro 2 6700D, Quattro 3 QC -1000 SC – 9500 SE – 270D, 350, 400, 425 Simplicity – SB170, SB3129, SB530T, SB700T, SB7050E, SB7500 SM – 2700 SQ – 9000, 9050 V3, V5, V7 VX – 1435 XB – 2510 XL – 2230, 2600, 2600i, 2610, 2800, 3100, 3500, 3500T, 3510, 3750, 5130, 5232, 5340, 5500, 5600, 5700, 6452, 3510, 3500T, 6562, 7700 XM – 2701 XR – 40, 46C, 52C, 65T, 1300, 4040, 7700, 9000, 9500PRW
 Janome 5000, 9000, 9500, 9700, 300E, 350E, 500E 10000, 10001, 11000,9900,12000, 15000 Elna
 Juki  T-100, E80
 Kenmore  All
Quantum Futura  100, 104, 117,, 118, 132, 132Q, 140Q, 2623, 2638, 2639, 2662, 3962IZEK 7400 series
 Singer 6400 Series 7312, 7322, 7350 Scholastic, Scholastic Plus XL1000, XL6000 9910, 9920, 9940


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Known Compatible Embroidery Machines:

Size A Bobbins

Babylock Embroidery Machines

Babylock Crafter's Choice BLCC, Babylock Creative Pro BL37, Babylock Creative Pro BL40, BabyLock Decorator's Choice BLDC, Babylock Elisimo Gold BLSOG, Babylock Ellageo BLL, Babylock Ellageo Plus BLL2, Babylock Ellegante 2 BLG2, Babylock Ellegante 3 BLG3, Babylock Ellegante BLG, Babylock Ellisimo BLSO, Babylock Ellure BLR, Babylock Ellure Plus BLR3, Babylock Esante BLN, Babylock Espire BLSR, Babylock Grace BL40A, Babylock Intrigue INT, Babylock Quilter’s Choice BLQC

Bernina Embroidery Machines

Bernina Bernette 730E, Bernina Bernette 740E, Bernina Deco 330, Bernina Deco 340

Brother Embroidery Machines

Brother BB 370, Brother BB 750E, Brother BC 1000, Brother BP 2100, Brother BP 2800, Brother CE 1100PRW, Brother CE 4000, Brother CE 5000PRW, Brother CE 5500PRW, Brother CE 7070PRW, Brother CE 8080PRW, Brother CE 8150, Brother CP 6500, Brother CP 7500, Brother CS 100T, Brother CS 5055PRW, Brother CS 6000, Brother CS 6000B, Brother CS 6000i, Brother CS 6000T, Brother CS 8150, Brother Designio DZ3000, Brother Designio DZ820E, Brother DreamCreator VM5100, Brother DreamCreator VQ2400, Brother Dreamweaver VQ3000, Brother Dreamweaver XE VE2200, Brother Dreamweaver XE VM6200D, Brother Duetta 2, Brother Duetta 4500D, Brother Duetta 4750D, Brother ES 2000, Brother EX 660, Brother HC 1850, Brother HE 1, Brother HE 120, Brother HE 240, Brother HS 2000, Brother HS 2500, Brother Innov-is 1000, Brother Innov-is 1500D, Brother Innov-is 2500D, Brother Innov-is 2800D, Brother Innov-is 40, Brother Innov-is 4000D, Brother Innov-is 40e, Brother Innov-is 5000, Brother Innov-is 6750D, Brother Innov-is 750, Brother Innov-is 750E, Brother Innov-is 80, Brother Innov-is 80e, Brother Innov-is 900D, Brother Innov-is 950D, Brother Innov-is 955, Brother Innov-is NV800E, Brother Innov-is NX570Q, Brother JX2517, Brother LB 6770PRW, Brother LB 6800PRW, Brother LB 6800THRD, Brother LS 6770, Brother LS1217, Brother LS2125, Brother LS2125i, Brother LS30, Brother LS590, Brother LX2500, Brother LX2763, Brother LX3125, Brother LX3125E, Brother LX3850, Brother NX200, Brother NX250, Brother NX400, Brother NX400Q, Brother NX450, Brother NX450Q, Brother NX600, Brother NX650Q, Brother Pacesetter 210PRW, Brother Pacesetter 420, Brother Pacesetter 420PRW, Brother Pacesetter PC210, Brother Pacesetter PS21, Brother Pacesetter PS3700, Brother PE500, Brother PE700, Brother PE700II, Brother PE750D, Brother PE770, Brother PE780D, Brother QC1000, Brother Quattro 2 6700D, Brother Quattro 3, Brother Quattro 6000D, Brother SC9500, Brother SE270D, Brother SE350, Brother SE400, Brother SE425, Brother Simplicity SB170, Brother Simplicity SB3129, Brother Simplicity SB530T, Brother Simplicity SB700T, Brother Simplicity SB7050E, Brother SM2700, Brother SQ9000, Brother SQ9050, Brother V3, Brother V5, Brother V7, Brother VX1435, Brother XB2510, Brother XL2230, Brother XL2600, Brother XL2600i, Brother XL2610, Brother XL2800, Brother XL3100, Brother XL3500, Brother XL3500T, Brother XL3510, Brother XL3750, Brother XL5130, Brother XL5232, Brother XL5340, Brother XL5500, Brother XL5600, Brother XL5700, Brother XL6452, Brother XL6562, Brother XL7700, Brother XM2701, Brother XR1300, Brother XR40, Brother XR4040, Brother XR46C, Brother XR52C, Brother XR65T, Brother XR7700, Brother XR9000, Brother XR9500PRW

Janome Embroidery Machines

Janome 10000, Janome 10001, Janome 11000, Janome 12000, Janome 15000, Janome 300E, Janome 350E, Janome 5000, Janome 500E, Janome 9000, Janome 9500, Janome 9700, Janome 9900

Juki Embroidery Machines

Juki E80, Juki T100

Quantum Futura Embroidery Machines

Quantum Futura 100, Quantum Futura 104, Quantum Futura 117, Quantum Futura 118, Quantum Futura 132, Quantum Futura 132Q, Quantum Futura 140Q, Quantum Futura 2623, Quantum Futura 2638, Quantum Futura 2639, Quantum Futura 2662, Quantum Futura 3962IZEK, Quantum Futura 7400 Series

Singer Embroidery Machines

Singer 6400 Series, Singer 7312, Singer 7322, Singer 7350 Scholastic, Singer 9910, Singer 9920, Singer 9940, Singer Scholastic Plus, Singer XL1000, Singer XL6000

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